Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Roses, the Sun, the Earth and everything - breatharians and mercury retrograde

This info-blog/journal/random musings site is an experiment in space and time and communication, much like I find my diet and lifestyle are an experiment with my body.. and with both I am taking a somewhat intuitive approach. Sometimes I feel like writing information and storing it here, sometimes I have thoughts, ideas and feelings to release here from my heart and mind. Generally I give myself a 30 minute time slot each morning (work-days) to sit & write.. sometimes I take longer and have to rush the rest of my routine.

It’s a thought day again. Yesterday was interesting and thought-provoking.

The start of my day was excellent.. set off beautifully with a from-the-heart gift of pink roses, very, very special.. and so much mutual appreciation! This gift of love put beauty and abundance and overall clarity to the rest of the day. (worldly-based craziness) And also lots of chocolate based love and fun which is a huge source of joy for me lately.

Fast forward – pm – rushing to get out of work, will balance tomorrow am, want to get home quickly, get dinner, make everyone happy, rush to yoga, and all the other things that need to be done after: groceries, laundry (everyday), cleaning, dishes, banking, etc. & then things seemingly start going wrong: 1- I leave my wallet at work (hopefully!), 2 – I lose my metropass on the subway, falls between crack in back of seat, 3 – TTC guys try to help but to no avail and it takes a long time so I am very late now, 4 – forgot/lost my 2 young green coconuts on the train (& the biggest ones from the box – were on trees in Costa Rica days ago, I hope someone finds & enjoys them), 5 - call Jim from Vic Pk station, waiting for bus and he’s kind of upset that I am late – dinner, kids etc. Damn, I’ve left work early to get home to get dinner make everyone happy.. mainly because I want to go out with people at work to see a breatharian tonight. ( don’t know a lot about it yet, but interestingly enough, I was looking up breatharians 2 days ago on the internet! : ) Cool!

Ok, so.. the whole time all this is happening I am thinking.. what’s up.. why is this happening. What is the universe trying to tell me? & I am torn in 2 directions one everything being messed up & 2 & more predominantly – thinking of the amazing abundance I have in my life.. how I really can get by without the metropass quite easily for the rest of the month.. 20$ or something, no big deal.. coconuts come & go.. life goes on.. I have so much, the beauty & love of the roses & mostly about the breatharian and how he really needs nothing, not even food, he has so much abundance.. we all do. At one point –in the most frustrating moment of being late, I almost felt teary at the worldly frustration/spiritual joy of everything.. 2 extremely opposing views cohabitating in my head. My Mom, who is my best friend and continual source of support and guidance, said last night.. it’s like you are living in two different worlds and every time you flip from one to the other it’s like you have an adjustment to make. Very true in many ways.. so many dual opposing forces in my life right now: work/home, material/spiritual even my husband & I.. he’s all about pushing his body in one direction and I’m going in the other.. but back to the story.

I got home, they were all eating left-overs.. dinner’s covered, I skipped yoga to spend time with my family, got to help my daughter study for her geography test this morning; latitudes, longitudes, maps etc.. everything got done except the last load of laundry, which I am going to go fold now.
& I feel like I learned my lesson – it was of abundance, everything we need will be provided, whether we see it or not. The abundance of the sun, of the earth.. we have everything we need, all the time, really! People always want to help us.. it’s out intuitive nature, we all inherently want to help each other. No one ever need go without anything they truly need in this world. & a thought from my Mom, she said this long ago & it stuck.. even if you have millions and many houses, cars, incredible wealth etc.. you can only sleep in one bed at a time, eat one meal at a time.. we only have one moment ..& every moment we all have incredible abundance depending on our attitude and the way we look at things.

& it is just occurring to me now – it might be mercury retrograde setting in.. 1 sec. Yup! Oct 28-Nov 17. It’s coming up.. but you often feel it setting in up earlier, even a week or two before ..Mercury actually stops its forward rotation and begins going backward just before the date.. really! And once you get into the mercury retrograde flow and are aware of it you will notice things happening.. but more later
Here’s my fav site for information on mercury retrograde:

So maybe it wasn’t a lesson after all.. and just Mercury.. but w/e, I learned it anyway. : )

Enjoy a beautiful day filled with love and abundance!

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