Sunday, October 08, 2006


Thank you

..for the sun, for sunsets and sunrises, for the moon & beaches & water – oceans, rivers, lakes, fountains, waterfalls, streams, all flowing water.. for optical illusions, clouds, colors, butterflies, ducks, all animals, even snakes and spiders and bugs and esp rhinoceroses, My Mom – all my family – in my long version I listed you all & why you were all important.. feel free to ask. ; ) Same at work.. Thank you!!! : ) Neighbours, friends.. being surrounded by so many amazing creative, loving, special people. My shiny new Mitsubishi (2006-Eclipse? – thought it would be a Mini!) Zoey. I am thankful for all the artists – Gauguin, Kahlo, Matisse, Renoir, the greats, the lesser knows, the closet artists & out-there artists, the musicians, poets, writers, dancers, martial artists, teachers, leaders, fashion designers, my clothes and all the great clothes I have yet to wear, my body, the raw food movement and all those great raw inspirers and educators who are making the world a healthier place, all the vegans and animal lovers, for all the photographs and inspiring images which I come across, for my website (Thank you Randy!) Thank you for fruit and candles and Christmas lights.. and all the beautiful flowers and plants and Trees!. Thank you for mysterious boxes and secrets and jewelery.. and rocks and crystals and minerals & essential oils. Thanks you for chocolate! And raw cacao experts and raw dessert experts.. for phenethylamine ..and all the people who grow the food I eat, who transport and sell the food and take part in any process which gets it from the ground to my plate. Thank you to the universe, & for being blessed with the knowledge I have about life. Thank you for music and rainbows and laughter and smiles. Thank you for humour, Thank you for love. Thank you for tropical islands.. and colourful fish, and not so colourful fish, and tropical fruit, and not so tropical fruit and green smoothies and babies and sprouts and my computer and my zebra blanket and Hugs and life, and life, and Life! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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