Friday, October 06, 2006

cold remedy, garlic, coconut water and mushroom supplement

It’s cold season. 2 of my kids have colds and a few other people I know have them. I am determined not to get one. Last year I got sick.. & thought how unfair, that I was eating so healthy.. and raw. ..but my body was still really detoxing, and then you have to think that it could have been a lot worse, it passed fairly quickly. I saw David Wolfe at the Total Health Show & mentioned it to him and he told me that if I ate garlic and took a mushroom supplement, Host Defense by New Chapter, that I would never get sick another day of my life. So I have been doing exactly that lately.

“..the Host Defense formula by New Chapter comprises16 different mushroom species that are supported by scientific literature as well as an extensive history of traditional use. It was developed to provide a broad immune shield against a myriad of bacterial and viral vectors. “The formula works in three way,” says Stamets. “It enhances generalized immunity through direct anti-microbial activity, stimulates the immune system (natural killer cells and macrophage enhancement), and increases antioxidant ability to stave off or ameliorate free radical damage from toxic agents.”

I made a juice yesterday morning with pea green sprouts, carrots and a garlic clove.

I have another great tip. Miloch told me this one, he saw it in a Juliano video I think.. that if you take out the tiny root inside of the garlic clove that you will not get garlic breath. Open up the clove & look for it in there.. it’s tiny and of course the same color, but it’s there. Interesting.. so whether it works or not, I’ve been doing it.. and no one has been complaining lately.

I am drinking my young coconut water mixed with E3Live right now as i type. .. another immunity boost that I have mentioned before. Coconut water and mother’s breast milk both contain lauric acid which is antimicrobial - great at fighting viruses.

Dorit made us a great drink that had a banana blended with coconut water and E3Live. Mmm.. that one was really good also.

Info on lauric acid here:

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