Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pauls art opening, waste reduction week, Alice Walker, activism - voice yourself and Thoughts from Within

Art Opening
Tonight is the opening of my friend’s (Paul Corby’s) first art show. He’s showing with the Stefan Galvanek Fine Art School students in a show called Cityscapes at the Steam Whistle Brewery.
For more info:

Waste reduction week in Canada is October 16-22.
Environmental Information Network -
This is the Ontario waste materials exchange website, which helps in the reusing and reducing of industrial by-product materials. - for info on reducing, reusing, recycling.. and info on composting, natural gardening, household hazardous waste, materials exchange program etc.

Activism is the way we pay for being on this planet” ~ loosely translated, telephone wire quote from Alice Walker.
Alice Walker is an author, best known for writing The Color Purple, and an activist in environmental, feminist/womanist causes, and issues of economic justice.

NOW is not the time to be complacent.. it is time to be active.

One of my favorite activist sites –

Woody Harrelson’s Voice Yourself - great ideas for healing and helping Mother Earth in this website. & if you haven’t seen his poem – Thoughts from within.. go there first!

Have an active and eventful day!

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