Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween costumes - my cat ears, ocean grown & Conversations with God

I am up extra early and am going to be extra quick.. because I have cookies to make.. for the halloween party tomorrow eve. I still am not sure if I am going to go. We have this serious community halloween thing going on here.. well, it’s more that I know all the kids in the neighbourhood and love seeing them all in costumes. & all those candles to light.. will they be able to do it without me?

On Sat eve. The Chocolate Fiesta.. magical mystery tour.. I am not sure exactly what it was, but it was fun. at 8:00 a streetcar loaded with very costumed people got off in front of 720 Bathurst and they all poured in.. and then for 45 minutes, maybe even less, it was intense, our place turned from a chocolate paradise to magical. Great costumes.. my favorite was the Operation guy. Yk the board game? it was him.. complete with the doctor with the big tweezers and light up nose when she took off a piece. So good! Everyone was there.. cowboys, indians, butterflies, superheros: the green hornet, Zorro.. alice cooper, a shark.. lots of boas and shiny, glittering courlourful clothes and hair. That was fun.

Steve offered me a drink of his water.. said he put in ½ t of ocean grown. there’s an interesting idea! We are using Ocean Grown at work on the sprouts and wheatgrass. It is actually ocean water that they collect from far out and very deep in the ocean, where it is very mineral rich.. and then this is condensed, water is evaporated.

Conversations with God has been made into a movie. It just opened in theaters in the US on Friday and will open in Canada on November 10. Am not even spending time to watch the trailer.. just sending it on.

Have a colourful chocolatey day!.. spend some time getting in the mood for tomorrow. I have these really cute cat ears, from my daughter.. she bought better cat ears, or so she thought.. it was cute yesterday, 2 cats & Carly was a bunny. I didn’t want to take them off.. they matched my outfit, Well, I guess that’s not hard. Meow .. Have a fun day! : )

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