Friday, October 13, 2006

euphoric feeling - great food: fruit, broccoli & pesto, raw candy

It’s Friday the 13th. I was lying in bed trying to figure out what led me to this incredible feeling I was having. I woke up in the night for a few seconds with it also & then fell right back asleep. It was this.. maybe a little hard to explain or understand unless you’ve felt it.. but it is a very alive, aware, plugged in, connected feeling.. almost sexual, but not sexual.. something different.. I remember thinking it was like having intercourse with the universe.. very high.. & I’m still tingling

& then I was thinking of all the things that went on yesterday.. what led to this feeling? So many great things.. some of them some may consider small.. but they weren’t, they were really huge.
Like on the subway & this man is wandering around with his cup out asking please that he needs food.. hasn’t eaten for days. & I must have looked away and back in a way that made him kind of single me out in a way.. I don’t have hard & fast rules in my head about giving people money, often I do, it’s a feeling thing.. so he looks over & this woman offers him a peach.. and I just remembered when he looked back pleading at me that I had a grapefruit.. which I had not only not eaten at work but forgot to leave it there, so I got it out & gave it to him. It was a really nice huge organic grapefruit too! ; ) ..then another woman on the other side gave him an apple.. it was great. The guy across from me looked over & said ‘This would never happen in the States’ not sure where he was from, but he was impressed. Anyway, it was a cool feeling.. everyone was having fun watching him get loaded up with fruit & he started singing songs..

Other good things yesterday: hugs.. the biggest hug from Miloch – he’s so out there. In a really great way.. I still find it amazing what a nurturing place it is there.. I get regular hugs.. maybe 4-5 a day.. & then from kids, they are all around me these days, definitely on the growth curve. (remember: 3 hugs a day for survival, 5 for maintenance, 7 for growth).

& all the pure foods I am eating, juicing, superfoods.. Oh, I accidently dethawed too much E3Live and am doing 2 ozs every morning. That could def be contributing.

Great food tip: this is the 2nd time Miloch has brought this in & it’s an amazing combination.. Organic broccoli & a container of Sunflower Gardens Oregano and Kale pesto. Just break off pieces of broccoli & use the pesto as dip, great combination. We’re not sure if it’s raw, Miloch thinks so. It’s available at many health food stores.. and they make a great spicy hummus that’s one of the best hummus’s I have ever had.. but that’s def not raw.

& the raw candy we made the day before yesterday: 1c almond butter, 1c cacao, ½ c goji berries, 1c dates, some agave & honey to taste.. & we put it by spoonfuls on dehydrater sheets & dehydrated them. Then I stuck them into the freezer a few hours later cause I couldn’t stop eating them.. so amazingly great!

I went to the gym last night & worked out, late close to bed.. that could have done it also. Weights and cardio.. but it felt so great..

So, just some tips for feeling amazingly amazing.. am off to do my double shot of E3Live!
Have a euphoric day! ; )
Happy Friday the 13th.

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