Saturday, October 28, 2006

the reason, HRM, sun gazing, Live, raw food resources and the chocolate mystery tour

On Thursday evening I got a call from a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in 15 years.. she was coming the next morning to To, with her daughter Jade, just for the day, looking at a school. We lived together on Crawford St, Christie & Bloor, when I was pregnant with Dylan, my 1st child and Jade was a baby or almost. She’s 19 now, Dylan’s 17. We lived to gether for 3-4 years, were really close.. but she moved to Halifax & life happened and we just didn’t really keep in touch, the occasional Christas card, yk how it goes sometimes. I was thinking thought that it’s interesting that I just get back into the area, the Annex, and she comes back into my life. We were discovering lots of interesting things about the pattern of life while we were talking, how people come in & out of your life at certain times.. as you get older and can follow the paths it gets more and more clear that everything happens for a reason and that there is a rhyme & reason and a pattern in the unfolding of the universe and life. Yk?

On Wednesday evening Marie and I & a few people from work went to see Hira Ratan Manek, aka HRM, who is a breatharian. I will write more about him later, but briefly he lives on energy from the sun and spoke about sun gazing. So, I have been thinking a lot about this and sun gazing for the past few days.. although yesterday it was so cloudy it just didn’t happen. So today I was driving a lot.. and on the way home from the airport, in heavy traffic, I felt all of a sudden kind of hot, opened the sun roof and then just a moment later .. the clouds opened up and the sun came out and I was sitting there & got to do my sun gazing while sitting at the wheel in traffic. It was great.. I felt like the sun just came out for me at that moment! I felt so much more relaxed and energized and really enjoyed the rest of the drive,, which took a ridiculous amount of time. I was following the GPS and it was taking me through town on really heavy traffic streets so I would keep getting off & I zig-zagged through side streets, one ways, parking lots.. it was pretty funny some of the time.. I am sure the GPS would have been yelling at me if it could.

I stopped in at Live –organic food bar at Spadina & Dupont, got some pizza & some crackers & a coconut lentil curry dip, which made the rest of the drive even more enjoyable. Good music, good food.

The link to their website is not working?? But just go there if you can, it's great - and lots of packaged, prepared raw foods!
Here’s a link to raw food resources in the city:

I will post more about sun gazing and HRM later. I am going to go get ready to go down to work for an hour or two soon. There is a mystery tour and our place is one of the stops. It’s all about the chocolate.. the people will get a cacao bean at the door which they can redeem for something. I’m bringing cacao-cacao chip cookies. & there will be smoothies, hot chocolate, chocolate bars.. lots of great stuff. Chocolate Fiesta!

Happy chocolate evening! I am celebrating in brown velvet.. oh, &

Halloween is getting close. I will be preparing for that tomorrow for sure.

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