Monday, August 28, 2006

South Pacific treehouse island adventure

I am off on a Mativa treehouse vacation adventure on the Samoa Islands today. I am thinking that getting a Samoan drivers license might be a good idea.. or maybe just taking the Green Turtle tour each day.. hmm. Yeah, but maybe get the drivers license for when I come back.

Samoa travel is about exploring, stunning beaches and above all else, a traditional and extremely friendly and genuine culture. This is the real South Pacific dream - and those travellers' that are put off of tired of the commercial aspects of Fiji, Cook Islands and Tahiti will find the Samoan Islands to be a nothng but delightful. This is the place to experience off the beaten travel, a little adventure and no crowds.

I was thinking about something I read last night from Jinjees daily e-mail - The Daily Raw Inspiration - 8/25/06 The Jade Hunters
To fully live – i.e. to be healthy - on this planet for Storm means wandering the mountains at night, diving into a waterfall, sailing alone in heavy weather, and somehow feeling like a part of the elements of this breathtaking planet.’
She mentioned how one of Storms favorite activities is hunting for Jade in Big Sur.. anyway, what I was thinking is that we all should be able to live like this. Strangely enough, enjoying life is almost a foreign concept to some people. How many of us live life to the fullest? How many get even ½ way there. It is possible to live life fully, enjoying each moment. ..& that’s my thought for the day. ; ) Have a great one!

Pic of O le Moe Waterfall, Palauli Savai'I from

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