Saturday, August 26, 2006

coconuts, cacao bars, watermelons, pigeons and iridology

What fun day yesterday.. I had a totally raw high experience. Around 3:00 someone who was storing coconuts at the store came in & 1st shared a 20$ (4 oz) chocolate bar.. it was amazing.. I was amazed at the price at first.. but it was incredibly delicious.
It was a YumiYa bar: raw cacao, hemp, acai berries, vanilla beans, camu berries, maca root, yacon root and cococreme.

Check them out :

organic raw cacao jasmine ylang vanilla pinklotus hemp iporuru cococrème yacon chuchuhuasi macaroot
organic raw cacao vanilla beans hemp roseotto lavender chamomile frankincense osharoot purplemaize reishi macaroot yaconsyrup pau d’arco cococrème camucamu
organic raw cacao vanillabeans hemp sandalwood cinnamon purplemaize macaroot camucamu yaconsyrup pau d’arco cococrème cordyceps
rawcacao hemp purplemaize cats claw macaroot yacon yuzu bloodoranges pau d’arco neroliblossoms vanilla tangerine cococrème cordyceps
brilliant raw cacao wow with guayusa vanilla clavohausca hemp macaroot yaconroot peppermint greenmyrtle grapefruit cococrème

Then he opened a couple young green coconuts and we mixed the water with E3Live.. I was off at 4 & had to be in the beaches (job #2) for 5.. so time was running out but we got everything cleaned up & finished & I made it in time.

However as I left the store I noticed this incredible sensation.. almost hard to describe.. a more exhilarated version of the natural raw high you sometimes get cells were buzzing, I felt in love with everything, that’s not so unusual, I get that a lot.. but everything loved me back.. I don’t know, it doesn’t sound as good as it felt. It was way better than any chemical, synthetic high .. one of those on top of the world feelings, totally in tune & everything is incredibly beautiful.
Ok, so I am in this dreamy love mode full of wonder & awe.. and I get into the subway station, Bathurst.. and its 2 floors down where the train comes and there is this pigeon down there.. walking along the yellow line at the edge where the train comes along.. it is pecking at the ground but there’s no food there.. and I keep thinking about the pigeon.. I wonder if he’ll be able to find his way out & I want to help.. but he wouldn’t understand.. & I am wondering about pigeon mentality when the train comes in.. the pigeon doesn’t leave the yellow line, even with the train speeding by.. still walking, nothing bothering him.. the train doors open right in front of him, it looked like he was going to get on.. but he just kept walking by.. and that’s the end of my pigeon story. lol

But a friend who dropped by @ Seagull (job #2) told me that pigeons go down there all the time & they will get out the same way they get in.. I was happy about that, but a little sad because it made my pigeon story seen kind of ordinary & it seemed so extraordinary @ the time. O well.
Still a great moment. O & after the coconuts we had a fruit exchange. I had this huge beautiful just perfect mango which I gave to my friend with the incredible coconuts & chocolate bars.. and he gave me an incredible organic watermelon. The girl I worked with later said it was the best watermelon she had ever tasted. .. & yes, it was that good.

I just looked at my eyes in the mirror and this little brown spot which I have been monitoring for the past year & ½ since I went raw.. is gone. I hadn’t looked for awhile.. forgot about it for the past couple months.. and it’s gone. I had a feeling it would… according to iridology you can see illnesses & things wrong in the body through the flecks & colouring of the iris. My eyes were always fairly clear, except for this tiny brown dot at the bottom of my right eye.. I figured it was something in my body & would eventually heal itself if I kept eating these incredible foods.. raw fruits & veg, blue-green algae, superfoods, etc. & yes! it’s gone. Some people believe in iridology, some don’t.. what I have noticed is that raw foodists have the most clear whites and beautiful, even coloured irises.. & from this alone it seems there must be something to it.


What Is Iridology?
Iridology is a quick, accurate and painless system of health analysis through the examination of the colored part of the eye known as the iris. Proclaimed throughout the ages as "windows of the soul", the eyes are now acknowledged as mirrors of the body and compared to miniature television screens recording the condition of the various organs and tissues throughout the body.

How does Iridology work?
The iris is an extension of the brain endowed with many thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, as well as muscle and connective tissue. Every organ is connected to the iris via the nervous system and the nerve fibres receiving their impulses through the optic nerve, optic thalami, and the spinal cord.

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