Friday, August 25, 2006

Avatar Adi Da and the Wingmakers

Astrology thought for the Day: This is your last good chance to catch a glimpse of Mars before it becomes lost in the evening twilight in the next few weeks. The thin two-day-old crescent moon lies to the left and slightly above the planet of power.
(from Phil Booth – the Star horo)

I brought 2 pamphlets home from work yesterday to read on the subway. Both were from events in 1999 – one was a seminar re: the God-Man, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da.. “The Bright Incarnate”. The other was from a 4 day ‘Creative Tao’ retreat. “The dynamic Tao program brings to your experience the beautiful philosophy, art, poetry and music of the Wingmakers. The Wingmakers are an inspirational band of time-travellers who bring uplifting metaphysical messages.

Avatar Adi Da and

Adidam is a complete Way of life, the gift of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. As His devotees, we practice this Way in relationship to Him because we recognize, at heart, that Adi Da Samraj is Real God appearing in human form.

Adi Da was born Conscious as Perfect Love, Bliss, and Happiness - a state He calls "the 'Bright'". And He is here to make it possible for everyone to Realize that Perfect State.

The Guru is like the sunlight in the morning. The Guru intensifies the light of the morning until you awaken. All ordinary means only console a person and distract him or her within the dream. The Guru, the one who would awaken you, is not a person, not an individual within the dream. The Guru is your very Consciousness, Breaking through the force of dreaming.” Avatar Adi Da

The Wingmakers -
More than a thousand pages of thought-provoking content, exotic music, paintings, artwork, animations, poetry and transmissions of profound insight.


I am listening for a sound
beyond soundthat stalks the nightland of my dreams,
entering rooms of fossil-light
so ancient they are swarmed by truth.

I am listening for a sound
beyond usthat travels the spine's
invisible ladder to the orphic library.
Where rebel books revel in the unremitting light.
Printed in gray, tiny words with quicksand depth
embroidered with such care they
render spirit a ghost, and God,
a telescope turned backwards upon itself
dreaming us awake.

Never-blooming thoughts surround me
like a regatta of crewless ships.
I listen leopard-like,
canting off the quarantine of bodies
sickened by the monsoon of still hearts.
There is certain magic
in the heartbeat which crowds the sound I seek,
but it is still underneath the beating I wish to go.
Underneath the sound of all things
huddled against the tracking dishes
that turn their heads to the sound of stars.

I am listening for a sound unwound,
so vacant it stares straight with the purity to peer
into the black madness of time
sowing visions that oscillate in our wombs
bearing radiant forms as the substrate of our form.

When I look to the compass needle
I see a blade of humility
bent to a force waylaid like wild rain
channeled in sewer pipes.
Running underground
in concrete canals that quiver,
laughing up at us as though we were lost
in the sky-world with no channel for our ride.

I am listening for a soundin your voice,
past the scrub terrain of your door
where my ear is listening on the other side.
Beneath your heart where words go awkward
and light consumes the delicate construction of mingled lives.
I can only listen for the sound I know is there,
glittering in that unpronounceable,
stateless statequarried of limbs so innocent
they mend the flesh of hearts.

"There have been those upon terra-earth who have experienced a shallow breath of wind from this powerful tempest. Some have called it ascension; others have attributed names like illumination, vision, enlightenment, nirvana, and cosmic consciousness. While these experiences are profound in human standards, they are only the initial stirrings of the Sovereign Integral, as it becomes increasingly adept at touching and awakening the remote edges of its existence. What most species define as the ultimate bliss is merely the impression of the Sovereign Integral whispering to its outposts of form and nudging them to look within to their roots of existence and unite with this formless and limitless intelligence that pervades all.

The transformational experience is far beyond the calibration of the human drama much like the stars in the sky are beyond the touch of terra-earth. You can observe the stars with your human eyes, but you will never touch them with your human hands. Similarly, you can dimly foresee the transformational experience with the human instrument, but you cannot experience it through the human instrument. It is only accessed through the wholeness of the entity, for it is only in wholeness that the Source Codes and their residual effects of Source Reality perception can exist. And truly, this wholeness is only obtained when the individual consciousness is separated from time and is able to view its existence in timelessness.


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