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Loren Lockman and the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama

Loren Lockman is the founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama, a supervised fasting retreat. He is a fruitarian and follows natural hygienic principles.

While I greatly admire and respect this way of eating, it is just too stringent for me - at the moment. I do agree with a lot of his theory and principles.

& I would love to go on a fasting retreat at his center!

There was so much info in his lecture yesterday, it was all day, from 10-5..
Here are some interesting notes, quotes, facts and thoughts from it:

The human body has between 30 & 150 trillion cells. It performs 100,000 functions every second. It is totally unmatched by anything ever created by man. –not even close.

The human body is incredibly intelligent.

There are 50 million species on the planet – all functioning at a higher level of health than us humans.

The US has the 72nd highest level of health of all countries. That's very low, esp. considering the amount spent on healthcare (forget exact amount- it was incredibly high – billions).
Canada is not much higher.

One of the problems with medicine lis in asking the wrong questions. (How do we get rid of symptoms?.. how do we get rid of the mucous?) This interferes with the bodies natural process.
Suppressing symptoms only further increases the damage.
The only way to get toxins out of the bloodstream – out of the body, is to wait for the body to filter them out.

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease” –Voltaire

Chronic diseases develop when we continue to suppress acute symptoms

The body does 2 things – eliminates toxic substances or stores them.

80% of Noth Americans will die of cancer, heart disease or stroke.
The fastest growing cancer is colon cancer.
Colon cancer does not happen by accident.

The food we eat should travel through the body and be eliminated in 8-12 hours. The transit time of the average North American is 96 hours. (4 days!) (& that’s average- with some people much longer!)
When the colon is constantly in contact with toxins, cancer develops.

Macronutrients = fats, proteins, carbohydrates
Micronutrients = vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients (plant nutrients)

It is estinated that science has only discovered 5-10% of the nutrients in plant foods.

We share 99.6% of our DNA with our closest primate relative.

Animal foods are not good for the body.
Packaged foods are likewise not good or natural for the body.
The average person gets 96% of its calories from animal products and packaged foods.
Only 4% of that consumed is fruits and vegetables ( & many of these are cooked)

McDonalds adds beef flavoring to their hamburgers.

Pasteurized o.j. contains no natural vitamin C. This is very different from eating an orange – a whole other entity.

Salt is toxic to the body. The minerals in celtic sea salt are inorganic. Same as the minerals in mineral water – the body can’t use them. All vinegar (incl apple cider) is ascetic acid and very toxic to the body. Herbs are toxic. They have a strong aromatic scent to keep animals away. Must be used very carefully. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, all cruciferous vegetables are hard for the body to digest ad therefore not essentially needed by the body.

Plants are natures alchemist. They can take inorganic minerals from the soil and transform them into organic minerals.

Organic produce has 4-5X the nutrients (& less poisons). It’s great value!

GMO – over 80% of commercial produce is genetically modified. This creates thousands of new chemicals the body was not designed for. – scary things are coming down the road for us.

Leucocyte – white blood cell
Leucocytosis –increase in white blood cells due to injury to the body
White blood cells are like foot soldiers – they come to clean up the messes.
Digestive leucocytosis – after we eat a meal, the body sends out white blood cells to the digestive tract. ..but only when we eat cooked food.

98.6 F or 37 C is considered normal body temperature.
Normal = average
It is possible this is not a healthy temperature
A healthy temperature is actually 1 ½ -2 degrees lower.
96.5 F is a healthy temperature.

We are all naturally attracted to colourful fruit on trees and their scents. We all have a sweet tooth for a reason. We need sugar every day. This is our fuel.
Fruit is appealing to us most of the time.

Protein- is the building block of natural cell tissue. Every fruit & vegetable contains it.
How much do we need?
We have a cultural belief that we need a lot of protein.
This misconception comes from the meat and dairy industries.
The American dairy council spends 300,000$ educating Americans on the benefits of dairy every day! – over a billion a year.
-they do not care what happens to us, as long as we are buying dairy – it is not a samaritan cause.

We need protein when we are growing. Babys grow the quickest. Mothers breast milk contains 2.5% protein.. this amount decreases to 1.5% by the end of the 1st year.
Most people are getting 25-30% protein – as adults!
We need 1-7% protein when we are growing, much less as adults.
Extra protein does not help us.
The higher rates of protein = the higher rates of disease.
Protein should be a tiny % of our intake.
& up to 75% of out protein needs are recycled in the body.

Soils are depleted of nutrients – true – imp to know I we are on a vegetable based diet – vegetables rely of getting their nutrients from the top 6” of soil.
Most fruit comes from trees whose roots go down 10, 20, 30” into the ground – less of an issue.

Long term macrobiotics are grey. Everything is cooked forever. They discourage you from eating fresh fruits and salads. They are not getting vital energy in the body.

Fruit requires less energy than anything else to digest. This leaves more energy for the body to cleanse itself.

Most fruits have a lower GI than breads, pasta, etc.

‘Man lives on ¼ of what he eats. On the other ¾ lives his doctor’

We expend 50% of our energy processing food every day.

Fasting always leads to a higher level of health.

Article ‘The Nature of Symptoms” by Loren Lockman

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Unlicensed Practitioners Cited
after Death of Diabetic Patient
Stephen Barrett, M.D.
The Maryland Board of Physicians has issued cease-and-desist orders against Loren Lockman and Timothy Trader for practicing medicine without a license and representing to the public that they were authorized to practice medicine. Loren was fined $320,000 for seven violations, each of which reflected what had happened to one client. Trader was fined $70,000 for two violations related to two of the clients.

Documents in the case indicates that Lockman founded the Tanglewood Wellness Center, which operated first in Bethesda and then in Thurmont, Maryland. In 2005, he fled to Panama and relocated his facility. Lockman employed Trader in 2003 and 2004. The pair advocated a raw food diet and administered water-only fasting for lengthy periods for people whose health conditions were worsened or could have been worsened by such fasting. They also discouraged the use of prescribed medications. Both conducted themselves in a manner that suggested that they were trained health professionals, even though they were not [1].

Documents in the case further indicate that Trader referred to himself as a "retired" naturopath. In the fatal case, he advised a 22-year-old woman with insulin-dependent diabetes to stop taking her insulin and undergo a water-only fast. After she became acutely ill with diabetic ketoacidosis, he administered huge amounts of insulin, but she lost consciousness and died soon afterwards. (Insulin alone is not sufficient treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis.) Three other clients appeared to have suffered impairment of their memory as a result of prolonged fasting. Another patient became emaciated and developed beriberi (a severe B-vitamin deficiency) as a result of severe fasting. Two other clients were dissatisfied with their experience and left within a week. One was a man with severe heart disease who could have been heading for disaster as a result of stopping his medications [2].

Lockman still operates the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama, which offers treatment for $900 for the first week and $500 to $700 for subsequent weeks, depending on the length of stay. His Web site claims that his methods can enable people to lose weight, never be sick again, have abundant energy and mental clarity, and look younger —"all with no side effects, safely, easily, naturally."

Trader has relocated to California. Recent autobiographical sketches states that he obtained a naturopathy degree from Clayton College and in 1991 got a "Ph.D." from the Life Science Institute. Clayton College is a nonaccredited correspondence school [3]. The Life Science Institute was a correspondence school that was never accredited or legally authorized to grant degrees. In the mid-1980s, a Texas Court prohibited it from marketing itself as a "college" and from granting academic credits or degrees [4].

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