Friday, August 18, 2006

My day

I was planning on writing more on Urantia today.. but I have lots to get off my chest. Good stuff, but lots.. I was in overdrive yesterday. I woke up very early & without even a shower, which I never do.. that’s my most important ritual of the day, jumping into the shower 1st thing. But yesterday I thought I would change it up a bit, washed my face.. gym clothes & went to the gym for an early morning run, elliptical for 20 min.. just cause I love going on that machine.. I have my music & just Zen-out, then a quick workout with weights- cables etc..– arms - tris & shoulders.. but it felt so great, home- shower, smoothies for my & my friends, then went groc shopping. Wrote my blog, & the usual, laundry is an every day thing around here (3 teenagers), cleaned up scrubbed the tub & all that.. then went to the post office to mail a pkg to my mom.. all b4 work!

we often send packages to each other. I just got one from her with peppermint oil, ‘Believe’ oil (Young Living) – a sample, cause I didn’t think I would like it.. because of the woodsy oil in it, but it’s amazing. Mom said it would raise your vibrations.. think it was one high on the scale, some are incredible.. It balances energys, uplifts emotions, raises frequencies and moves you to a higher level of awareness. It contains Idaho Balsam Fir, rosewood & frankincense. Cool.
She also send me litmus paper.. I asked her to.. she said of all the stores in Toronto, you want me to send you litmus paper?.. but she knows where to get it, I didn’t – at the time, Marie at work knew.. but too late, pkg sent. (easy shopping ; ) & she sent a jar of Living tree community Almond butter.. I talked about it once before.. I was on the American freedom topic, but anyway.. it’s supposed to be incredible. I haven’t opened it yet.. have one on the go. Looking forward to it! Thanks Mom! : )

& then I went to work. I was on a roll. Great day at work also.. 1st Marie had some honey products that someone left behind at their booth at the market.,. she left them for a week or two in case she found the owner, but nothing. So she had this wildflower honey- I had bought some from the same honey guy at the market & looked & contemplated buying the face cream he had.. but since I rarely ever put anything on my face.. and when I do it’s usually shea butter, sometimes with a drop or two of certain essential oils, fav = lavender & sandalwood – I decided not to buy it. But I was interested.. esp cause the 1st ingredient in it is propolis – I used to take propolis.. but that’s another subject, another day.. wait. I just ran & got it.. the ingredients are propolis, honey, pollen, beeswax & royal jelly. So Marie had it & gave it to me.. she said she only uses shea butter on her face also. Guess I was meant to try it. I put it on last night & again this morning.. will see.

This is getting long.. but another really cool thing that happened yesterday - We got in cases of young green coconuts. The are so fresh.. they were actually on trees in Costa Rica 2 days before. That’s incredible – just cut them, ship them & here they are. I had a lesson on cutting them.. a little more challenging than the white ones, the ones with the fiber cut around it & wrapped in plastic. The green ones are much younger than those.. they have less actual coconut meat - actually gel inside them.. some had none.. but are filled with water & less of a taste, not as coconuty & sweet.. still incredibly good & supposed to be incredibly good for you. The water from coconuts & mothers milk are the only 2 things with lauric acid.. great for metabolism and it has antimicrobial properties, this is what gives immunity to babies, it will protect you from viruses and bacteria. the water is like plasma.. and if you mix it with E3Live or wheatgrass or anything really high in chlorophyll, which is like our blood.. it’s just like getting a blood transfusion.. the chlorophyll will zoom right into your cells. I am getting a paper e-mailed to me on the benefits of coconut water.. I know it’s an incredible combo, I used to mix coconut water w/ spirulina b4 going to the gym. Super energy!
So here I am with a 18" long knife.. or seemed it, almost anyway.. 'Hold it high up & slice it, think right through it.. Keep your thumb back' Hey, it's hard to grip a coconut with your thmb back.. and everyone backing up.. and grabbing their coconuts ,taking them with them.. yeah, they don't want any blood in their precious coconuts! sheesh.. lol I def need more pracise but that was way fun!!

Ok.. time is running out, & there was so much. I went shopping with a friend last night & scored on some great new clothes. Am wearing a new top, it’s long, almost like a dress – grey/black/blue roses over a long black skirt.. love new clothes! Clothes are lots of fun.
I saw young green coconuts at the Chinese market last night also, 1st time I ever saw them there.. but maybe I just didn’t notice them b4 – it’s possible, but you would think that if I saw the word coconut I’d be on it. They were cheaper 1.50$.. but they looked a lot older, kind of bruised & soft.

We made a new smoothie at work.. just b4 the coconut guy came – The day before we had a film crew in, they were renting the space for a few hours. Had a huge catered lunch & then they were filming after. They rent the space once in awhile. So we had some fruit salad left over from that in our fridge.. great fridge btw.. it’s a walk in, like a small room, with shelves around the edges. So we put the whole fruit salad & lots of pea green &/or sunflower sprouts & blended.. & it was really good. I don’t usually put melon in a smoothie.. but this had a lot of melon in it, & grapes, blueberries, oranges etc. . It was really great. Smoothies are the best.. & they are so easy.

Wow.. I wrote so much.. reminiscing, & great dreams too .. but a new day has begun. Enjoy.
Have the best and most beautiful day ever!

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