Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Alien water - excerpt from Masaru Emoto's The Hidden Messages in Water

From Masaru Emoto's The Hidden Messages in Water. p. 56-58

“My investigation into the mysteries of water makes me think that water is something not of this earth.
Why do you think there is so much water on this earth? Most explanations say that when the earth was formed, some 4.6 billion years ago, water turned to steam, evaporated and formed rain that fell on the earth, resulting in the creation of the oceans.
But it all started with the birth of the sun. Lumps of gas came together and started rotating, forming a red ball. The remaining dust and gasses came together and formed the earth and the other planets in the solar system. At this time, the earth was still a ball of burning magma that contained hydrogen. As the magma cooled, the hydrogen evaporated into the newly formed atmosphere.
But not all scholars agree with this theory, and some offer radically different alternatives. One such scholar was Louis Frank of the University of Iowa, who has proposed that water arrived on this planet in the form of lunps of ice from outer space.
Professor Frank began his investigation when he became puzzled by the fact that satellite photographs showed black spots ; he reached the conclusion that these black spots were comets that were falling to earth.
These mini comets are actually balls of water and ice weighing a hundred tons or more, and falling into the earth’s atmosphere at a rate of about twenty per minute (or ten million per year). The theory is that these balls of ice bombarded the earth forty billion years ago, crating the seas and oceans, and this same phenomenon continues today.
As the earth’s gravity pulls these ice comets into the atmosphere, the heat of the sun evaporates them and turns them into gas. As they fall fifty0five kilometers from outer space, the gas particles mix with the air in the atmosphere and are blown about, falling to the earth as rain or snow.
A few years ago, an announcement by NSA and the University of Hawaii that Dr. Frank’s theory does have credibility was widely publicized by the media, but there are still many scientists who refuse to accept this new way of looking at the world.
If this new approach were to gain widespread credibility, it would require many of the books in the world’s libraries to be rewritten. It would have an impact on almost all of the scientific theories related to life on this planet, such as the origin of man and Darwin’s theory of evolution.
It is universally accepted that there can be no life without water, and if we accept that water, the source of all life, was sent from outer space, then logic leads us to the conclusion that all life, including that of human beings, is alien to this planet.
But if we go along with this theory of water being extraterrestrial, then perhaps we can better understand the many unusual characteristics of water.
Why does ice float? Why is water able to dissolve so much? Why is a towel able to soak up water, seemingly in defiance of the laws of gravity? From the standpoint that water is not of this world, these and other mysteries surrounding water may seem a little less difficult to understand.”

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