Saturday, February 21, 2009

Te'Devan and Pecan Pie Ice Cream

I have been having fun at Rawlicious these past few days with Te'Devan in keeping me company in between healing sessions. He's coming in again tomorrow morning.. and yesterday he brought his sign. He's from Manhattan and can be seen sometimes around Union Square.. but recently someone flew him into Montreal for a healing.. and from there he journeyed here and will soon be flying to Miami. Cool life.. and he's really awesome. !!! : )
So he came in a few days ago with an Indian lady who I started talking to ..and it turns out she is working on Indian Raw recipes.. which is just where I had started going.. and we talked about working through some recipes together.. and lots more because she works with energy healing, meditation, breathwork and more also.. Its been such a fun & interesting few days.
...I have really been enjoying vibing with Te'Devan! )

He works with sound vibrations.. I have seen sone amazing healings taken place in the last few days.. so wonderful, ..inspiring..peaceful.. joy.. what is it.. such love, empathy, purity... : ) peace

Oh, yes.. the Ice Cream. Angus is truly Ice Cream King!!! This creation is a pecan pie roll.. not sure if it officially got a name.. we had sold 9/10ths of it within an hour.. it was sooo good!
Yesterday he was getting creative again working on a Carrot Cake Ice Cream. I was slightly skeptical.. but the cream cheeseish frosting is kind of like the ice cream.. and with some of the cake rolled in the middle of it.. it might turn out to be incredibly delicious.. Hope theres some left tomorrow for me to try!

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