Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feliz de Dia San Valentin

Feliz Dia de San Valentin!!

I had my Spanish lesson today! 10:30 am : )
We got up at 5:30 (wake up call) to go to the beach and watch the sunrise!!! ( but the camera didn't well to take pictures of it, so I will translate my memories, telepathically, virtually.. as best as I can!) (close your eyes, meditate & see if you get it!)
I am living on bowls of watermelon on the beach by the ocean.
I love suntanning topless! ; )
I am in heaven and being as quick as i can to post to go take in as much as I can!!!
Love Life!!! Wear red, Be passionate and Hug everyone who will let you.. and always be as happy as possible!
Adios por ahora mi amigos!! : )

by Eleanor Lerman

And this is true: You are a stardust person.
Muons are passing through you as you read this.
Cosmic rays are building you up and breaking you down.
Seas are evaporating, gases are freezing into planets,
planets are spinning off into the void.
Hold our your hand and watch the pions dance,
watch your nuclei exchanging forces with the universe,
watch the miracles ebb and flow as endless joy
folds into endless silence and everything is
everywhere all at once and it goes on and on.

And here is more: The infinite is already in you.
It is in you and of you, and it may save you.
But if it saves you, it will give you no choice.
So go down the road. Be death, be stardust, enter
the duality known to the generations who are vanished,
who left behind this double image, but only half
the message, just the instructions for how to begin.

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