Thursday, February 19, 2009

More on Travelling Food and Dominican Pics

This is the rest of the pics from vacation..

It was so great.. but Now is so great too.. and it feels almost strange to still be posting these.. so many new subjects coming up all the time. I rememeber my Mom asking when I started blogging if I thought I would ever run out of subjects & I thought no, never.. and still do.. although I felt and still do that one day there may just not be a need for talking/typing them out.
I want to mention about food a bit more.. eating raw at an all inclusive.
A few things.. 1 - Desserts: The desserts there - I tasted a couple, somthing chocolate & something lemon.. They were not good.. and maybe its me cause I havent tasted processed desserts for awhile but they tasted very artificial and chemically.. but I noticed everyone else was eating lots.. I was thankful I brought some great chocolate from Chocosol (Raw Vanilla and Raw Darkness) & a bottle of Artisana's Cacao Bliss) They really saved me.. bringing a bag of dates would have worked well also. If you are into sweet.. and there was so much fruit- I do have an acknowledged sweet tooth ..which I may do something about someday ..
I brought Corn Chips, Crackers and beleive it or not a bottle each of Cashew Cheese, Mango Chutney and Olive Tapenade.. I barely touched them.. and could have done without them.. but the thing that I brought that was the best and I ate lots of were dehydrated nuts and seeds.
Soak nuts drain, spice up and add a bit of olive oil, dehydrate.. and bring lots. That was the best of all.. because it was a quick fix. If you are hungry you can just eat a handful or bring a bag with you - quick and easy and they taste good. Same with Granola.. that was good & I ate lots of that also.
Green Flag!!

I also brought phytoplankton, which I added 8-10 drops to water every morning and drank. & chlorella tabs.. Oli of Oregano, which I didnt take but brought just in case I felt any sign of sickness and Digestive Enzymes, which we took regularly.

ok, rushing off to Rawlicious.. in the middle of my long shifts.. Have a wonderful day.. heres the rest of the pics! xo : )

I loved and indulged deeply in Laramar!!! One of my favorite stones! : )

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