Friday, February 13, 2009

Heaven in the Dominican

Ahh.. Life is heaven! I am in the Dominican Republic.. just off the beach and out of the ocean.. and just have covered my body with aloe vera.. I got sunburned a bit yesterday! Pure vitamin D. : ) ..and now it's time for the buffet, having lots of fun with that. Thankfully they have lots of lettuce (often also a tray of some bitter green leafy stuff, no idea what it is, and shredded spinach) and Tropical fruit!!! still staying almost 90% (for the most part) lol except for the night I had 3 tequilas.. I am loving the beach!
I brought my Spanish lessons and am getting inspired by a few books I brought - translating recipes & getting ideas for new raw dishes. I am focused (& still working hard, ..while lying on the beach..)
Life is good! Love & peace!! xo


Mum said...

So nice to know you are enjoying the Dominican ... Hi and Happy Valentine's day ... lots of Love

Paul said...

It is bitterly insultingly incontrovertibly COLD up here. Enjoy every minute and store your memories.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

xox - LOve you too Mom!

Happy Valentines Day!!

You have inspired me to stay longer on the beach and focus more on the sun and sand and the ocean!! Fully stored! Good plan!