Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jicama Fries, Learning Spanish & Packing for Vacation!

This was my breakfast.. right after a bowl of canteloupe, and then a green smoothie.. but I had a hard time waiting, cause they tasted so good.. I kept having one or two ..trying to wait & do the good food combining thing. To be honest, food combining is something I am not the best at.. but I am getting more into the habit of it - I know it's a really good thing to follow! ..& try, usually.

Right now though.. I am packing! I am usually a last minute packer..but tomorrow I am going to do a filming segment at Rawlicious and I will come home in the evening & have to leave for the airport in the middle of the night. Fun! ..but I dont really want to have to pack, just the last minute fun stuff, like food, chocolate, ..No actually I have a lot of that packed & chlorella & my books.. & especially my Notes in Spanish transcripts. I am especially excited about these because I have just downloaded all of the intermediate podcasts & bought the worksheets & printed off about 12 lessons to bring with me to listen to on the plane. I love Notes in Spanish.. I have bought all kinds of Spanish learning cd's and books.. just a casual hobby.. but this is the 1st time I feel like I am actually getting it. I had listened to most of the beginner lessons last year, & just picked it up again recently. I think this system actually works.. and a lot of it is free, available online.. all of the podcasts are.. and just the transcripts are available to buy, which are totally worth it. (so much better with them!) It's really great! I have been listening to Ben & Marina all week while I prep foods at Rawlicious before we open, early in the mornings.. full blast Spanish lessons. : )

Ahhh.. 1 day & a few hours.. so close. that beach I have been visuallizing, the plane, I love flying!
soo excited!

But now I have Mystery Science Theater 3000 waiting for me - The Deadly Bees. lol Last night we watched The Colossal Man episode. so I should rush..

Tomorrow we are making Nori Rolls, the delicious Flax and Seed Crackers (below), Mango Chutney, Olive Tapenade, Sun-dried Tomato Spread, Corn Chips and a variety of Soups: Tomato Soup, Creamy Tomato Thai, Butternut Squash, a Blended Salad.
I will probably be posting pictures from filming the day after tomorrow from my laptop at the beach!!! Unless I take too many pics of the clouds and the beach on the way there and they get put up first! Yay!!! so see you soon from the Dominican Republic! : ) Adios, Hasta Luego!!

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