Sunday, February 01, 2009

Celebrating February - Love & Chocolate!

I am celebrating February today - I just read my mom's blog & yes, I am celebrating also - Februray, the month of 'Love' & 'Chocolate' ..& wine. O yes, but just one glass for me, red. Myfavorite color.. I used to have a diferent favorite color when I was young, cause I figured that red was taken by my Mom & I wanted to be different.. so, it was Purple & Pink, Magenta, Fushia.. but finally it is red, a deep Ruby Red..

Oh, so it's going to be one of those blogs!! well, the pressure is kind of on - I have 15 more minutes until the movie goes on & I promised I would be done on the computer - it's a comedy, foreign.. I love that I get to watch lots of Foreign & Art films now.. and comedies, and well, we watch a lot of movies it seems lately. We dont have a tv, but we do like to watch films!

Oh yeah, so I am especially celebrating February because I finally moved out of my apartment yesterday, not that I was living there, I had subletted it for the month of January -a perfect arrangement, I love when life lines up things perfectly like that. So I had to go clean out the rest of my stuff that I left for her to use & clean up. So glad to move on from there! nice apartment, but just not a home. ..we went out to celebrate after, my favorite salad and off to a movie. I went to see Clint's Grand Turino. I love Clint! I love that some people are just sooo cool. It's such an interesting thing, some people just are. It's great. Life is so great. & I am feeling so much better today.. my back had been a bit sore, upper back, stress sore.. and I got my little wooden block back. I have a miracle back thing that was made, limited amount of them were made, I think 50.. it really needs to be made available for everyone. I will take a pic of it one day.. when my daughter decides to give me back my camera, she keeps forgetting it.. and thus - I haven't been taking pictures to post on here, sorry. But I'm putting it out there seriously now.. so it should be back here soon. I'm starting to miss that camera of mine..

& I definitely need it before I go. Did mention that I am going away for a week soon? 9 days, tomorrow morning, it's going to be 8 days! (thats so 5 years old!, am I excited? ; ) Dominican Republic - all inclusive, which is usually not my style, but something I am sooo excited about right now. I just need a beach!! like never before!! ..& I will bring my camera and laptop!
ok, times up. xo, 'Night!! : )

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