Monday, February 09, 2009

Day 5 Filming - Soups, Nori Rolls, Crackers and Dips

Here we are again - Day 5 on the Rawlicious set. Today we are filming how to make 4 different Soups, Nori Rolls, Crackers, Sun-dried Tomato Sunflower Spread, Mango Chutney & Olive Tapenade.
These are the ingredients for the Sunflower seed Spread which is great on crackers, sandwiches and also as a base for the Nori Rolls.

I get to check out being Cameraman too! Cool little set up we have here!! Fun.

Getting together the ingredients to assemble the Nori Rolls.

ok, how cool is this..? we have an overhead mirror to show the cutting board action.

Mmm.. Nori Rolls for lunch!

& some filled just with sprouts - Alfalfa and Sunflower (we made a trip to Toronto Sprouts on the way : )
Getting ready for our Fiesta Flax and Seed Crackers.. (I just renamed these this moment! Fiesta seems so fitting, they just look like party crackers!)

Oh, Corn Chips too! Last week I forgot the sprouted buckwheat at home.. so we made them this week. Thats ok, it was worth it for the amazing Berry Buckwheat Granola creation that happened - I have a bag of them in my suitcase & my carry on! They are that good!!

Hmm.. kitchen shot from behind.

Corn Chips and Fiesta Crackers to be dehydrated..

Definitely Party food! Fiesta Crackers with Mango Chutney, Cashew Cheese, Salsa and Olive Tapenade. So good, I kept eating these!

Done & now here I am packing.. and ready for a few hours sleep. Just a few, getting up soon to fly away.. but I will keep posting! See you from the Beach soon! xo, LOve & Peace : )

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Lauren said...

Yum, another thing I have yet to try, raw sushi! MMM!

Have a fun trip!