Thursday, December 04, 2008

Winter Marketplace this Saturday at Toronto Sprouts !!!

I wanted to post the flyer for the Winter Market at Toronto Sprouts .. but can't copy the image, so here are snowmen from an installation in Moscow. ; )

for the flyer click here!

We are busy at Rawlicious getting ready for it - I wil be there again bright & early tomorrow morning - preparing lots of food, nut loaf patties for the Wraps and the dressings and sauces.. and Pizzas! & we are planning on having some warm Miso Noodle Soup in case it is cold out & Tropical Green Smoothies - my favorite!!

& tonight we are home getting books and DVD's ready to bring. We have some of our raw & health books that we have republished to bring and some DVD's. The DVD's are great - I will post a link to them soon how to get them online.

For now, come down to the once a year awesome, high vibe marketplace.. great place to get the BEST gifts!!!

There will be cool yoga clothes from Yogagurl !
Hemp clothing by Groovinda !!
Truffles and chocolate from Fred !!!

More chocolate from Chocosol !!!!
The Fairy's Tonic - Kombucha from Zoey !!!!!

Upaya Naturals - Organic, Raw Vegan Health products !!!!!!
Living Libations - highest vibe essentail oils, cosmetics, Incredible-superfood chocolate bars !!!!!!!

Ruth's Hemp Foods !!!!!!!!
Me to We - Montage Music -& - In the Raw ... !!!!!!!!!

The Best Food Ever !!!!!!!!!!
Nujima Living Foods !!!!!!!!!!!

E3Live !!!!!!!!!!!! (I was saving the 12 exclamations for them ; ) -big fan! )

& so much more - music, jewellery, clothing, artwork.. lots of raw & health stuff

Come Join Us - it's going to be a huge great fun get together!!!

& Ther is a high-vibe Reggae-Groove fest gathering being planned for the evening ! Yes!!!
xo, Hope to see as many of you as possible on Saturday!

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