Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving Day!

Moving Day! Yes, Dec.23rd and I am moving.. a full on all day event! It was crazy but it finally happened and now I am sitting on just rebuilt furniture and surrounded by boxes.
Thankfully I had fresh pizza crusts ready from the dehydrater and cashews soaking from this morning and whipped up some cashew cheese.. and made guacamole.. a big lettuce and sunflower sprout caesar salad.. we were starving! ..and of course my moving friends were raw except one guy who loves raw food (& hosts the best durian parties in town!)

ok, so boxes to un pack.. and then more to wrap tomorrow morning. I knew this was going to happen and was prepared, almost everything is ready for Christmas.
..so happy to be getting settled in my new home!


ps. my New Years resolution is to really get back into blogging.. cause I love it. (& I just have so much still to say! ; )

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