Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at my new home

Well, here we are.. I'm getting settled into my new home and here are a few Christmas pics to share. I am moving in with James.. it's a very fun and colorful place! ..but a little more crowded than it was. We moved my stuff over on the 23rd, and just had a room built for Kaiya .. so between construction and moving, its more crowded than normal - and with a Christmas tree!!

We had a cozy, fun Christmas party going on here!! ..and it isn't taking long for me to unpack my boxes and get settled.
The rest of the pics are from Christmas morning.. (just waking up!)

Mom always outdoes herself - she sent amazing books: Animal Speaks, and 2 from Cafe Gratitude: I am Grateful and Sweet Gratitude (which I heard is absolutely amazing!) and one on reading auras. Cool!
Mom, this is the pic I was telling you about.
Mom also gave me some beautiful bowls which she had made for me by an amazing east coast artist Ghita. (ps. note the lapis necklace: )

I love Christmas!
note the almond milk freshly made in the bottle next to the tea pot. I think I am going to make almond milk regularly here. It's really easy, especially when you get into the routine of doing it. & much better than cow's milk. !!

Oh, 1 last pic. Check out the chocolates mom made and sent, individually wrapped and made of super superfoods - lacuma, mesquite, fo ti.. (think I need to get the recipe to find out exactly what I am taking! lol) but they are delicious!! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic place you have!

W O W!!!

Cool chair! Wonderful space Robin!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

: ) Yeah, it's very warm & wonderful here - & the chair is great - its an original from the 60's, way cool - & great acoustics in there! ; )