Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

May we all feel the warm embrace of love and light throughout the new year coming.. May we all be blessed with abundant surges of creativity and inspiration ..May we be able to let go of the past and trust in what awaits us ..May we be open enough to see everything as a blessing in our life, in the good and the bad and to have gratitude for all that is to come and recognize it ALL as all good ..And be happy with it all.. and embrace everything everywhere ..and enjoy every moment of this beautiful creation that we are a part of.

May we continue to share this beautiful journey together - Hands and Hearts together..
Thank you for being here with me. ~Radiant Love & Bliss~ xo

ps. There was a parcel that just came for me while I was in the kitchen making a Chocolate Hazelnut pie.. and before I got to the messy part - I opened it up and it was from Groovinda of Aum My Godess - a beautiful hemp skirt and apron. (samples - made just for me! yay) I changed right there on the spot & christened the apron with a small smudge of chocolate.. The pie is setting right now.. off to check on it! yumm...

I am going to be celebrating tonight in a Very white and spiritual way.. bringing in the new year in a very deep way ..Blissed out with peace Cheers!

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