Monday, December 29, 2008

Gathering at Fatma's & Ansons Soup!

Fatma held a gathering for a group of us to celebrate the holidays a couple of nights ago. Fatma makes incredible ethnic raw food.. not just Indian, ..Middle Eastern, and more.. she blends cuisine styles. Fatma is actually from South Africa but has lived for several years in Arabia and travelled extensively around the world ..I keep telling her she should write a book, but I think she just likes to make and share food with everyone.. which she does well - she even left the party for a few minutes to run a big plate of food to a neighbour and everyone at the party went home with large plates of food.
She made 5 dishes on the table! & there is more not shown in the pic..
Monica made the incredible desserts (she is the best!) on the right of the table: Tiramisu in back - all raw except for some coffee and a bit of sake which she used in her recipe - and Black Forest Cake, which can rival any cooked version.. she is amazing!!
& recognize the little pizza hor d'oeuvres - some with pineapple, some without ; )
I brought a turkey-stuffing pate and cranberry sauce also, not shown.. maybe that recipe tomorrow (I am on a recipe roll)

This is Fatma.. Monica in behind her and Anne to the right - all vetran and very talented raw food chefs!

Mmm.. salads ..Sumac is just sprinkled on the one below..

ok, & now this was incredible - Anson has come up with my new favorite soup recipe.. and he gave me the recipe (sort of, he doesn't measure) to share.. Yay!!
This was really, really, really delicious - & spicy!! (I loved it so much I got to take the rest home and just enjoyed a big bowl.. My whole world stopped as I enjoyed it, no thoughts, no past, no future - time stood still.. yes, that good!

Anson's Soup
2 red peppers - chopped up
1/3 cup chives - chopped
1/3-1/2 cup of hemp seeds
3 average size zucchini's - spiralized and chopped to noodle size
Place veggies and seeds into a 1 gallon mason jar and make the broth.
Broth: I
3 avocado's
2-3 cap fulls of "Sunfire Elixir"
1/3 cup on Nama Shoyu
Sesame Oil (not sure how much)
Garlic-Chili Flax oil from Omega Nutrition (not sure how much)
Cayenne pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Blend together and then add to the mason Jar with chopped veggies and seeds. Stir.
Then take 1 part soup to 1 part boiled water and add ingredients if necessary to adjust the taste. Makes between 1 1/2 to 2 gallons of soup.

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