Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Magic

I am in the full swing of Christmas!! Put a tree up last night, not decorated yet, but the smell is amazing! This was the 1st year I almost went and bought an artificial tree, environmental reasons.. but the jury was out over which is better.. I have not ever had a tree that wasn't real in my livingroom for Christmas.
& I have almost all my Christas shopping done, just a few special gifts for friends to get..
All this glitter and fun amidst construction, renovations being done.. crazy good time over here..
Christmas is a crazy time! Lots of emotions running rampant through the streets..
I wish everyone good cheer, peace and happiness throughout the holiday season..
Let magic reign!

ps Christmas Music Radio Stations 08


Winona said...

Hi! Love your blog. The photos are excellent. Could you add me to your blogroll? I post raw recipes weekly. Thanks! http://www.2juicy.blogspot.com/

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Winona, Nice to meet you.
I added your blog, best wishes with it! I enjoyed reading over the recipes you have posted - looks good!!!