Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Raw at Sea, Earth Beats, Simplicity

My friend Jan has started a blog. She and her husband Dave spend 6 months of the year on their boat in the Bahamas.. Raw! They spent last year raw on the boat, sprouting and foraging ..and I have heard stories.. now we get top join them online @ Raw at Sea.

Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires.
~Lao-tzu / Tao Te Ching

"he first sound every Human being hears is the double heartbeat. In our Mother's watery womb, we experience a sense of security and belonging because we hear our own heartbeats echoed by that of the Mother who carries us for nine months. When we are drawn into our Earth Walk through the miracle of birth, the second heartbeat disappears. Human beings know on a deep level that something is missing. They are looking for the second heartbeat.

The missing heartbeat is found when we listen to our Earth Mother and enter Tiyoweh, the Stillness. In that place of silence we can feel the vibration and hear the heart beat of the Earth. Through that experience we can rediscover our sense of security and belonging. The Earth Mother's heartbeat tells us we are never alone. Our true Mother, the Earth is always present to nurture us and gives us rest. All she asks is that we stop and listen for the second heartbeat."
~Jamie Sams - Earth Medicine

Play Hard, Dive Deep, Love Life and Have Fun!

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