Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moving Again!

My life is in transition again.. I am moving. I have just broken my lease to move out early and will be vacating my apartment Jan 31.. and possibly even sooner. I was talking to someone yesterday who may need an apt just for the month of January.. so life is, as always, up in the air.
& I am starting to think about packing up my things again.

I have barely even moved in, the mirror by the couch never even got hung up.. many paintings never even made it to the walls.. this has felt a bit like a 'show-room' apartment, not very lived in.I will be very glad to move down closer to the ground.. houses are just more 'homey' and grounding.. I think I will enjoy this a lot more.

So, back to the boxes. I just listed my couches (sofabed) and chair on Craig's List - Craigs list is amazing, and all over the world now! I was just checking out the furniture selection in Vietnam & in Portugal.. cool!! &in Hawaii - I just found a Hawaiian Palm Christmas Tree!!! wonder if the kids would go for that?

Memories of my short & sweet stay on Pacific Ave. A friend of mine is buying my dining room set.. I really like it.. & might get to buy it back in a couple years! ; )

keeping the bookcase behind the dining table and so far the bed & bureau.. so far..

life is strange and fun - it flows in mysterious ways.. and it always keeps us on our toes.
Tippytoes! (ok, I am deleriously tired and slightly overwhelmed right now - 'Night)

just came back to add a PS to this. Just a thought - Its interesting how I used to have so much dark, deep and bold colors in my last place, even black.. and this one is so white-beige.. just like a blank canvass.. like a cleansing.. and now I am feeling like I need color - bold, bright, light, colorful, flowing, translucent, vivid, .. but color: Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple.. alive!Mmm, yes, that feels good!


Michelle J said...

Yes, i agree color is the way to go!!! I can see you in a room full of vibrant colors!!

Good luck on your move!!!

London said...

Hey Robin!
This is Juno,
Great blog you have going! so much information!
Fred mentioned to me that your apt. on pacific might be free for the month of january. by now you likely have someone for that time, but if not, i am look for some short term living situation
so let me know if the place will be empty in jan...
i hope you are doing beautifully, as i write this there's a mad storm blowing outside!
take care,
you can reach me at
see you soon !

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hey Michelle - you are right in your psychic observation.. I am living amidst orange and red and yellow andpurple and green etc. Its great!!!
: ) Life just keeps gettign better all the time!

Hi Juno - great to hear from you!!
& Thank you but yes, I actually have someone just moving in now.. we are moving in & out around each other - its totally crazy!
Big Hugs! to go shovel out the car now! crazy out there!