Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Looking for Penny

Alana, my friend and co-worker at Rawlicious, has lost her new puppy, which she just got weeks ago. She has asked me to post a notice and pic of her here, just in case.. she is trying everything. She has posted 600 color posters in the hopes of receiving some news about her - Hopefully she will get some soon!

Penny was lost on Sunday December 7th at 2pm. She was last seen at 7pm trying to cross Bloor St. West at High Park Avenue. She was hit by a car, but kept running. She may be injured, and should be in the residential area of High Park Avenue, Pacific Avenue, Quebec Avenue etc. or could be in the park. She was wearing a black jacket with reflective stripes. She has a dappled coat with large apricot coloured patches with a white spot on top of head. She has large floppy ears that are a solid apricot colour. She is very timid and frightens easily.

We are very worried that she is injured and hiding and we need to reach as many people as possible as quickly as we can. It is cold outside and the longer we take, the less likely she is to survive. Please, tell everyone you know, someone could find her. We are completely devestated at her loss. We are offering a cash reward to the person that can bring her home safely.

Her information on her collar/microchip is as follows:
Toronto ID - 111774
PetLynx - AA55279
Microchip - Allflex Boulder brand #982009105462418
Alana can be reached

This is especially a call for positive thoughts for Penny, and Alana! *Thanks*

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