Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vibing Christmas Marketplace

I was busy all day preparing, making and serving great food & didn't take the time to take very many pictures. Above, my co-workers for the day Lyndsay and Angus from Rawlicious.

Below is a pic taken from the Rawlicious kitchen. It was so nice with all the sparkling lights and people and music - fun. Great stuff - gems and beeswax candles, essential oils, superfood chocolate, High vibing chocosol chocolates and drinks, lots of handmade things, clothes, knit & sewn, natural fabrics, homemade music, best kind, raw products, foods, health books, Dvd's, Raw t-shirts, Art!! chakra cards, violet glass - all your ultimate health and reconnection needs!

Aum My Goddess!!! Groovinda is making a long skirt for me to match my beige hemp shirt!!! And the best hemp apron ever, custom made, I got measured - so excited!!!
Love Groovinda, .. & Deepika (Terra Tree) They shared the kitchen with us to make very special tea.

Highlight of my day probably was finding the most special Christmas cards ever. I wondered if Saskia would mind if I bought her out of her home made collection of Christmas cards.. but she was totally ok with it. & I gained a new friend!! : ) She wrote poems in them and coloured and cut out and decorated them, very beautiful - but I only have a few.. which is perfect, only sending out a few special cards this year anyway, keeping it simple.

and I bought one special one from her brother who also gave great Hair-apy treatments!!!
Kids naturally have high vibes which get transferred to us who get our scalps massaged by them.. way cool, fun. Neat Idea - & beautiful enterprising kids!!! Love that!

& when the Marketplace finished and people started clearing out.. the place started getting transformed for the evening.. DJ setting up at the front...

..and meanwhile live music of all types -lots of drumming- from the back..

This is the way Christmas shopping should be done - Community style - & with a party afterwards!


Michelle J said...

Wow lovely!!

Those kids are the best!

So are you!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Michelle - yes they are really awesome kids..
You are awesome too!
Hope you are well, love & peace! R