Monday, June 30, 2008

Herbs and Greens and Edible Flowers!

Mom & I have been keeping busy - Today, Mom indulged my whim to get window boxes for my balcony and came with me all around town, to several garden centers to get the boxes, brackets, soil and plants.. it took us 3 trips in the elevator to get it all up here!

I'll take some pics later when we get planting but its too dark to now.
My plan changed though as we were shopping - My 1st intention was that I wanted just lots of green (& purple) leafy plants to eat - salads, green smoothies - like kale, collard, chard, lettuces..

but I soon realized that it was late in the season and most of the plants were picked over.

However, I did find a store with lots of beautiful herbs, all marked down from 2.99 to 99 cents each - and of course, an herb garden makes perfect sense out there - then I got the idea for herbs, some greens and lots of edible flowers!! It's going to be great!!

We picked lots of pansies and their smaller cousin, violas (which look just like little pansies), and marigolds, which I was never really crazy about in a flower garden, but I saw some in a salad mix at the market the other day and they were really quite beautiful in there, and nasturtiums, which are also really quite spectacular in salads, they have this amazing, slightly peppery flavour.. if you've never tried eating a nasturtium, do so asap! - there is something that is illuminating for the soul about eating something so rich and brightly coloured and beautiful!

It may take us a few days to get it planted - Tomorrow we have a huge day planned - early morning walk in High Park - an friend's art studio to visit, Chocosol's headquarters - the Cacao Loft, down Yonge st & over to Chinatown - Kensington Market if time permits - we'll just be flowing by mid-afternoon - Oh, and fireworks tomorrow evening!! : ) Yay!!!


HiHoRosie said...

I haven't gotten into eating flowers but they sure make everything beautiful, including salads! Your post with the pretty pictures might motivate me to at least try some flowers. Can't wait to see yours. :D

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

You definitely should try them, they are great!
Mine are still sitting out in pots waiting to be planted - yikes!!
I willtake pics, of course!! : )