Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lightening up: pre-trip Juicing

Ok, my day off- day to get things done! - and I am off to a slow start. (which is very wonderful!!) ..but I feel life starting to speed up as I think of all the things I want to accomplish today.

Against other peoples recommendations I started a mini-juice feast-master cleanse yesterday. It started with me trying on my bikinis yesterday morning.. Oh, and last week there was this beautiful Hawaiian girl who came into Rawlicious with a huge bag full of Brazilian bikinis made by her Brazilian friend - and I would have loved to buy one from her but after trying on a few.. Well, if you know anything about Brazilian bikinis you know you Need a rock hard 20 year old body to wear one well. Now don't get me wrong - Its not I'm unhappy with my body.. I'm more content with it now than I was in my 20's.. but I also know that I put on 5-10 extra lbs this winter/spring - & I know it was emotional eating - its a lot going through separation and all the transitions that went on.. & I knew I could somewhat get away with eating raw vegan cheezecake and ice cream and truffles late at night. LOL ..& for the most part, I did.

& I know a few days of eating superlightly & lots of juicing for a few days before I leave is going to make me feel a lot better.. I already do. & I know my body.. it bounces back very quickly.

So yesterday I had just glasses of lemon juice with a bit of agave or maple syrup and lots of cayenne.. in the afternoon I made a big green juice with beet and later, after work, I had an 8 oz seaweed (arame) salad with sesame seeds and light dressing that I had in my fridge and which is delicious and couldn't stand the thought of letting it go bad.
Oh yeah & earlier I had a squeezed grapefruit which I blended with some maca and spirulina.
I had bee pollen 1st thing and a digestive enzyme also.. & lots and lots of water.

I went to the gym & worked out and then laid in the beautiful big sauna there for a half hour.

& Now I am already feeling the effects, feel the right parts tightening up and flattening out.. It feels so much better to be at your optimum weight.. just that few pounds can give that slightly sluggish feel.

So, time to get moving - lots to do - still thinking about what to bring to Panama for food.
The magic bullet mini-blender will be the most useful thing - to make smoothies - and thinking of superfoods to bring: gojis, cacao nibs, spirulina, chlorella, maca.. I brought home some crackers we were packaging at work.. and I should go through the nuts & seeds I have on hand and get more to make a big bag of trail mix. Of course, I have never been big on eating a lot of nuts ..even when I first went raw, like most people do, nor do I eat a lot of avocados - I like them a lot and have maybe 1 a week.. I eat a lot of green stuff and fruit!
..but I am getting into rambling mode and have shelves to paint, Spanish to listen to, errands to run, a lemon to squeeze (lol, thats easy - at least I don't have food to think about)

k, Have a brilliant, bright, illuminating day - see you on the flip side!! xo


Sandi said...

Have a fab trip...

Will email u about the raw spirit fest,Is it still Rawketgirl@gmail.?

Love Sandi XXX

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Sandi - Thanks, great to hear back from you - I just realized it was you who left the comment about Ian & Anthony (best weekend ever!)
Yes, email me.. it'll come onto my blackberry & I can write you from Panama.. well, hopefully I will have access to the internet (& time) to post blogs from there anyway.
xo, Love back, Robin

Ed said...

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Grace and Peace,

Phil said...

Those brazilian bikinis can be pretty revealing! I've been thinking about getting one for my girlfriend, but i'm not she'd feel comfortable wearing it.