Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 1 in Panama - so many pics!!!

Cloud Sculptures!

Touching Panamanian gound!

Mom, I was going to send you this postcard. But then I found out it would take 6-8 weeks to get to you & I will see you in person much sooner!!! I took a pic so you can have it right away - here it is!
It is interesting that the Pacific is to the south and the Atlantic (actually the Caribbean Sea is to the north!)
I took so many pics and have sooo many stories. I can't believe how many things I have done in 1 day.. but time is limited so I can either tell the stories or post the pics & I am posting pics (a lot!!! - hopefully not too many.. and will come fill in the blanks later if time permits.
Its amazing here - but it can be dangerous also. I really love it!! The architecture is incredible, the trees, the weather .. its all just perfect!
Oh, there are 2 seasons here, the dry season - for about 3 months (in our wintertime) and for 9 months there is the rainy season.. I got my first tatse of it today. For about an hour everyday at some point, it can be mornng to evening, but never in the night, it rains - a complete downpour where everthing in the city stops.. people stop working, shops close.. we drove through it, along with some others.. at one stop there were kids, shirtless and shoeless in shorts wet up to their waist beckonning us to drive fast through the water at the side of the road on the corner to spray them.. looked like lots of fun!! crazy!
The following few pics were ones I took when I first woke up through the windows of the condo I am staying in.

El Bano! - it is a bathroom!

A Papaya tree!

I loved this musician - he was played Day-O when we first got there & again later on and many songs in between, but he would take a break between songs, I think to rest from the heat. Sometimes it seemed like he was almost asleep and then he would pick up his guitar and play another song.

Over 30 kinds of Panamanian coffee. I am not a coffee drinker - but I enjoyed a few sips of different types, coffee tasting.. Apparently Panama has some of the worls best coffee.

I could only take these 2 pics in el supermercado - I was asked not to take any more - I think they thought I was a spy!


Mum said...

Thank-you for the postcard. I will eat papaya today and think of that 'papaya tree'. May you have just the greatest week ever ! I'll be seeing you soon.
I love You, Xo

HiHoRosie said...

Oh wow! Doesn't everything look fantastic! Beautiful photos! Love the one of the dancers with their colorful skirts.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you're enjoying wonderful papayas now.

Anonymous said...

A panoply of Panamanian panoramas, palms and papayas!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

xox Mom,
Hi Rosie!!
Hi Anon!!
It's beautiful and wonderful and I wish you could all be here with me - an incredible raw Panamanian Party!!!