Saturday, June 07, 2008

Vibrationally Enhanced Rawkalicious Action

Flowers in Action

Some of the best Super-being High Vibe tools in action!
(Special thanks to Ian at The Best Food Ever)

Pure Alchemy
Island Fire: Noni juice, wild Ginger and Turmeric
Colloidal Gold - it's so gold it looks pink! very beautiful
& Spice of Life: over 108 organic, wildcrafted, handpicked herbs in a special tonic (that tastes quite similar to a spicy Bloody Mary)

Together they give a superclear tingly high

Holding sacred crystals.
These are a rare type of red Amethyst

Eating vibrationally-enhanced Chocolate with a gold spoon.
(courtesy and Huge thanks to Fred at Food not Candy)

It's a good life!


Sandi said...

Hi Keiko

I just LOVe your blog , thank u for sharing all your vibrance .....
How bizzare I just spent last wkd with Ian the guy in your photo at the Best Wkd Ever in Atlanta .... Wow it was Awesome .....I met his son too Anthony he had great things to say about Rawlious ..
H0pe to see u in Toronto maybe in the summer ........;-))

Sandi said...

R u going to the Raw spirit Fest in Sedonna in Sept ??

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Sandi - Thanks!
Look forward to meeting you in the summer also if your in Toronto, make sure to come say hi!
The best weekend ever in Atlanta must have been great - sounds great!
(& Thanks Anthony!! ; )
I was planning on going to Spirit Fest this summer, came so close to going last year.. but glad you reminded me, I was almost going ahead with alternate plans - nothing definite decided - but it is definitely going to be a good time there!! - will let you know as plans develop. Great to hear from you! Hugs!