Sunday, June 29, 2008

Power smoothies, Organic bouquets, Tropical fruit and Exotic meditations!

ok, Mom says I can blame her for not being here posting the last few days.. lol.. but how can I do that when she is in the kitchen creating a power smoothie for me right now as I type! : )

It's so great to have her here.. the last few nights we have stayed up late talking about everything , and it has been wonderful because Daniella, raw foodist-dancer, from Brazil has been staying here also.. so its kind of like a girl's sleepover party.. where we stay up late talking metaphysics, energy, love, etc etc.. all the important things in life!

Mmm.. its great having someone else create a smoothie for you - very different from mine.
This one has: Strawberries, blueberries, apple, mango, banana, black & purple kale, parsley, bee pollen, maca, fo-ti, goji berries, cayenne, flax, chia seeds & lemon. This is her morning power smoothie which is based on the 5 elements, commonly used in Oriental teachings and the foods which correspond to them - using sweet, bitter, sour, salty and spicy.

We bought a huge basket of sweet freshly picked organic strawberries from the market - we came home with bags full.. including a big bunch of wild flowers which are sitting on my desk beside me - So beautiful!! The kale & parley and lots more is from there - It was my first time going to the Brickworks market - it's harder to get to but its a great one.

& we bought a case of the most delicious mangoes from Little India yesterday afternoon.. and rambutans and mangosteens - they are all so delicious! It was a great place to bring mom - Its lively and colourful there - I love the Indian fabrics and saris - I was an affluent Indian woman in a past life (past life regression - very interesting - Deborah Skye - love her!!) Anyway, I have bit of a thing for Little India. ; )

OK, the meditating woman here is to inspire me.
I have found being raw harder this past winter and it seems especially for the past month.
I want to get more into this and talk about it, but not now. My Mom's here.
But essentially the main thing I have realized is that I am speeding around doing so many things and not taking time to think & slow down.. & that is also very important to living a rich full life.

Last night we went downtown to the the World's Biggest Bookstore to get a copy of Tor Norretranders 'The User Illusion' (what we think is a base for the understanding of Ho'oponopono) and got to walk Yonge Street - Which I love. It was the 2nd annual Mexican Festival at Dundas Square -(I was actually at the 1st one last year with Marie, surprisingly for the amount of times I actually get down there, not very often!)

But I love it downtown - it's so lively!

We watched a machete juggler - here it's hard to see but he's juggling them on a unicyle!

I love summer! It's great having Mom here! We walked up to Rawlicious yesterday also & got rawkalicious cookies and other great treats.. and she is waiting for me now. The rain has stopped - which is good - the huge Gay Pride Parade is this afternoon downtown - not sure if we will make it there or not!??? Maybe the organic market & a walk through High Park, it will be wonderful whatever we decide! : ) Cheers!! Enjoy your day!


Kerry said...

Welcome back! You're so lucky to be able to experience Toronto in the summer ... I'm bummed that I'll be missing out!

Michelle J said...

Hi Keiko, wonderful having your mom and wow what a smoothie she made for you! Sounds awesome!! So, any chance you ship your cookies?? Hey wishful thinking huh?

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Kerry - life is beautiful everywhere, but, yeah, Toronto is quite special! ; )
Enjoy your summer!

Hmm.. Michelle, shipping - that should be able to be done! ; )
Do you have a dehydrator - I think I posted the recipe before.. they really are great.
Mom's smoothie is most excellent - we are loving it & counting on her to make us smoothies in the morning now!! : )
Thats what happens when you are really good at something!

Michelle J said...

Keiko, unfortunatley i do not have a dehydrator yet! I may never have one...but i will try to get my friend (with dehydrator) to make the cookies for me!! WOOHOO!!