Monday, June 16, 2008

Panama - driving, honking, pool crashing, art and construction

This tree is right around the corner from where I am staying, right in the middle of the city, downtown. I love how they paved the street around it. Panama seems very like this.
I love the architecure here, it is very creative and sometimes seems almost space age. They are lots of curves and circles and spaces left in areas for interest..In Toronto it seems that they utilize every available space in abuilding - the design seems more about profit than beauty - here they leave room for artistic expression. I have examples in mind, which surprisingly I didn't take pics of.. I have taken so many!! & the designs for the new buildings going up are very interesting and creative!! & there are a lot of these!

The driving is crazy here!! Pedestrians watch out!! & the honking - I can hear it now out the window, and wake up to it in the morning.. so much honking!! really aggressive drivers!

Pic from the skywalk - Rey is a low-end grocery store - something like our price chopper or no frills. I haven't been in it yet though.
There are a lot of hotels - and every hotel has a casino!! I walked through 3 casinos testerday, shortcuts and good place to go into to use the washroom when you are spending lots of time waling around the city - which most people don't do around here. It's too hot to walk around a lot. Most people drive from place to place. It's so hard to believe that it is this hot all year round!
It's great!!! Hot & Humid - I love it & its great for the skin. : )

Before I left, my friend Paul sent me an article on Pool Crashing that I loved. Now I understand it a bit better!!
The Van Gogh restaurant!! They have a play going on there tonight - but Arlene, beautiful Panamanian tour guide has suggested something else going on tonight & Chris & her may join us so I will opt for whatever they have in mind. (I am staying at Chris and Arlene's place)
Sometimes it's great having the itinerary planned - Today I am going to the Canal - 7th wonder of the world! & Casco Antiguo. (I have a special gift I am looking for for someone and think I may be able to find it there! )
La Novena - beautiful vegetarian restaurant, with an incredible chef and host who took pleasure in creating a raw work of art especially for us and said next time it will be totally different!
He is a classical music lover, which inspires his interior design and plays in the background.

2 Beautiful works of Art - served with a freshly squeezed orange juice dressing.

I found the different apartment buildings very interesting and took some pics of different ones.

Mango trees grow in the city - all over the place.

Salsa classes!!

Construction everywhere!!

This was the sign on the door to go into the local mall: MultiCentro -No Guns!
(maybe it's a little dangerous here!! lol)

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