Friday, June 06, 2008

Raising our Vibrations

Last weekend in Ottawa, Dorit said something that stuck with me - an interesting thought - about how we sometimes look at food, raw food and superfoods in particular, to raise our vibration and while this is essentially what they do - it is the way we look at it that maybe needs to be altered. She said it is us who needs to raise our vibrations to meet the food. The raw living food has a high vibration - and in order to be a successful rawfoodist, we need to raise our vibration up to meet the food. We can do this many ways - meditation, positive thinking, our choices in music, being peaceful, mindful, happy, relaxed, well-rested, spending time in nature, surrounding ourselves with a positive environment, doing yoga, silence and listening within, praying, etc etc..

Because if we do not raise ourselves up to meet the vibration of the food we are going to go for a food that ultimately matches our vibration.. and we will not succeed on this diet - we may blame other things, like cost, it taking too much time, too hard with family, social issues.. etc.

It made a lot of sense as I sit here feeling kind of regretful that I ate soooo much raw ice cream tonight (Thank God it was raw) It was so good and although it's so much better for me, even healthy to eat.. its still much more heavy than I am used to. & Thank God for digestive enzymes!!!
ps we are in the midst of a heavy duty mercury retrograde.. and its thundering outside.. Nature is going wild this evening. It's not sleeping, but I am - 'night!

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