Friday, June 13, 2008

Legs and Abs - Exercises

I am heading over to the gym for my morning sauna - Day 2, this may become a routine.
I have juiced for 3 days and deciding whether to continue.. I will want to eat in Panama I am sure.. however, this would be quite convenient for the plane - water is easy to get anywhere (although prob in plastic bottles - the worse kind! o well, its temporary & very worth it.)
I have been dehydrating & getting food ready & hopefully will post another blog tonight to show you what I am bringing - How a raw foodist travels - well, how This raw foodist travels.

But for now, other important things - Exercising!!
I found this video on Youtube of one of my fav, but lesser known, leg exercises, next to squats (#1) and lunges.
Unable to embed.. follow the link here to see her Kneeling Leg Excersises.

& I liked the vidoes of this girl a lot - simple effective exercises.. here is a link to Crunches - another important exercise for the abs. Tambien muy importante!! : ) Oh, I am so into it now!!

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