Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sun-dried Tomato-Olive Spread, Raw Vegans on a Boat, Rilke's council - Letters to a Young Poet

Mom's Sun-dried Tomato - Olive Spread

1 1/2 c sun-dried tomatoes (soaked and drained)
9 Kalamata olives
4 T hemp oil
1 lg clove garlic
10-12 parsley sprigs
1/2-1 t salt
chili or cayenne to taste. She used a chili pepper spice paste. I might try some sambal oelek I have here & cayenne.
Blend all ingredients together in a food processor.

This would be great on flax crackers or dehydrated bread, layered on top of sunflower seed pate. We do something like this at work for our sandwiches and top with lots of sprouts.

Storm & Jinjee's 1st reality show "Raw vegans on a Boat" - 9 People, 1 extreme weekend, and a diet of almonds, celery, oranges and dates! (I would love to be there with them! : )


Your work needs to be independent of others' work.
You must not compare yourself to others.
No one can help you. You have to help yourself.
Criticism leads to misunderstandings and defeatism.
Work from necessity and your compulsion to do it.
Work on what you know and what you are sure you love.
Don't observe yourself too closely, just let it happen.
Don't let yourself be controlled by too much irony.
Live in and love the activity of your work.
Be free of thoughts of sin, guilt and misgiving.
Be touched by the beautiful anxiety of life.
Be patient with the unresolved in your heart.
Try to be in love with the questions themselves.
Love your solitude and try to sing with its pain.
Be gentle to all of those who stay behind.
Your inner self is worth your entire concentration.
Allow your art to make extraordinary demands on you.
Bear your sadness with greater trust than your joy.
Do not persecute yourself with how things are going.
It's good to be solitary, because solitude is difficult.
It's good to love, because love is difficult.

You are not a prisoner of anything or anyone.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) was born in Czechoslovakia and died in Switzerland. Dogged by fragile health and the constantsearch for inexpensive and healthful accommodation, heanxiously moved from one climate to another. Considered thegreatest modern poet in the German language, Rilke counselled the young poet, known only as Mr. Kappus, over a five-yearperiod. No evidence exists that they ever met.

My friend sent me this and I sat last night & read letter #4.. deep stuff. Contemplate & enjoy!
Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet – letters 1-10 translated here:

Special Hi to Barb, my best freind from grade 1, whom Mom told me is reading my blogs & drinking green smoothies. Yay! Love & HuGs to you & the family, esp those girls. xox

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