Thursday, January 04, 2007

flexibility and the aging process - David Camros & Dr. Shawn Miller

Dr Shawn Miller and David Camros were in town and gave a talk at 720 Bathurst(work). It was right after the marketplace we had on the Saturday before Christmas. I ddn’t stay for it but I just finished reading their book Your Never too Old.. to Become Young.

They talk about the common theory that our aging process and level of vitality is directly related to our loss of flexibility.

Children are very flexible: mentally, emotionally and physically.
Look at a baby. They will grab their feet with their hands and put one or both into their mouths. Babys are so open. They are wide eyed, wide open, ready to receive.. they are not blocked at all.. Becoming blocked and stiff is an integral part to the aging process.

As we age one of the first things we notice is that we begin to lose our flexibility.

Develop flexibility to attain vitality

3 ways they mention in their book are:

1- Adopt a meatless diet (meat is high in uric acid which hinders flexibility)
2- Have a relaxed mental attitude
3 – Practice slow rhythmic stretching of the entire body

“All life is motion. Without motion there is no life.
Life diminishes in proportion to the lack of motion involved.”

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”

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