Thursday, January 25, 2007

Avatamsaka Sutra, frankincense and myrrh, ejuva, manifesting pink hats

I am googling the The Avataṃsaka Sūtra. This is one of the most influential scriptures in East Asian Buddhism. In English the title translates as The Flower Ornament Sutra.

This text describes a cosmos of infinite realms upon realms, mutually containing each other. The vision expressed in this work was the foundation for the creation of the Huayan school of Chinese Buddhism. Huayan is known as Kegon in Japan.

The sutra is also well known for its detailed description of the course of the bodhisattva’s practice through fifty-two stages.

Interesting.. maybe something to go well with my paintings. ; )

Here’s a good intro to the Atavamsaka Sutra:

Lots of interesting conversations yesterday.. 3 of us had a shot of a phytoplankton blend. It was strange.. had cranberry, apple, noni, frankincense, rose, lime and other things.. tasted a bit like perfume. I think I liked it more than anyone else.. am really into frankincense these days. We chased it with E3Live.. the ‘real’ stuff. ; )

In ancient Rome the very, very wealthy used to burn frankincense all day and myrrh all night. Frankincense and myrrh both are resins that come from different shrub which both grow in desert regions. Frankincense has a spiritual and uplifting scent.. while myrrh is a calming and relaxing scent.

Ejuva – Intestinal cleansing program:

Don’t begrudge your neighbours smile because you don’t know the sorrow that hides in his heart” – Chinese proverb -wow, that’s a sad one, but it stayed with me.

Oh & the pink hat story.. loved this one. Someone I know came into work to get sprouts and I told her I loved her hat, she looked like a Groovy Girl (really funky, cool kids dolls) & she told me the story of it.. How she manifested it one day on the tread mill. She had been cleansing the day before on green juices and sprouts and then was thinking of a pink hat the next day on the treadmill.. intentionally manifesting it & she went to winners the nest day & there it was. Cool. I love manifestation stories. : )

Went to yoga again last night.. 3 days in a row – 3 for 3, yes! Monday with Glory, Tues with Jeannie and Wed with Alex. It was my 1st time with Alex and I really enjoyed it & the steam room after.. I am in heaven!

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