Sunday, January 21, 2007

Breaking through limitations - morning excercise

I went to a seminar last night called ‘Breakthrough your Limitations’ presented by Joanne Chrobot. She has worked with many motivational people – Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and lots of other names I recognized.
Her bio:

I am realizing this morning that I learned a few more things than I thought I did last night. It was great we got to break boards.. that was the best. I’ve watched Kaiya break lots (tkd) but it was my first. So, hopefully I have broke through my limitations.

I want to share one of the exercises, briefly, which she taught and which I enjoyed doing this morning. She said she does this every morning before getting out of bed. She has a system which she explained but basically she thinks of 3 things that make her happy & why, 3 things which make her excited, how they make her excites, then proud, grateful, 3 things she enjoys right now, what she is committed to, & what she loves & who loves her.

So, lied in bed & tried this.

Happy – its my day of & I have lots of things that I really enjoy doing to do today. I have lots of time , the day is mine to do whatever I want. I am going to go to the gym, get cat food.. poor cat is living on cat treats right now, although he seems quite happy about it. Going downtown, Currys, to get canvasses, clean up my basement studio again and create a place to work in.. pic my flower and prime my canvass..
Excited – that I have a plan and am keeping to my commitment to paint, it’s a pretty big deal finding the time to do this & I feel its important. I am excited to make flax crackers today also.. my mom has a favorite recipe and Bob told me how he makes his, generally & he makes the best dehydrated flax crackers.. so I have a great base to go on & I love experimenting in the kitchen. Oh & I get to go to La Senza & get new pj’s, cause my friend bought me extra small -??? I’m not that small.. but hey, that’s flattering anyway. : )
Proud – My kids – doing well in school, conscientious, intelligent, good looking, considerate, thoughtful, funny.. etc etc. Proud of myself. Proud of my Mom. Proud of lots of people around me actually..Jim, Randy, Lisa, Danny, & on & on..
Grateful – O come on , so many things.. ok 3 – a warm house, being surrounded by loving caring people whom I love here at home & friends (2) & (3) at work ..and having a job that I really enjoy and believe in and working with the best bunch of people.. I love them all!
Enjoy - that was sleeping in late & just lying there thinking of all the wonderful things that make me happy in my warm, cozy bed, the feeling of blankets and pillows and being so secure in life. Right now getting to share this with whoever wants to read it – and most especially my Mom cause I know she always reads my blogs : )
Committed– easy, my family, my friends, my work, and excited about my new commitments to myself to paint & learn some Spanish. I have cd’s ready to listen to later (makes me happy also : )
Love – same almost – family, friends, workmates, incl Chocosol and people who come in to work regularly. & yeah, I think they love me.

This took longer to type than to do.. it really didn’t take that long & would take even less once you got into a habit of it. It’s a great idea and way to start the day.

Thank you Joanne - & Marie for hosting the event!

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