Thursday, January 11, 2007

3 rules, 3 practices, SuccessUltraNow and Stem Enhance

3 rules
I remember a story someone told me at the party I went to last weekend. This lady was a principle and she was recalling when she was a teacher and she used to start the year with getting the kids to help her come up with classroom rules. All the kids would write a list of everything they thought was a good rule to have and inevitably every rule would fall under 3 main rules. They are:
Respect for yourself
Respect for others
Respect for the environment

I have been very interested lately in this site:
This is a personal optimization system put out by David Wolfe & Nick Good. I heard of it through my friend from work, Marko.. who is working with them on this project. So when he told me about it I went to the site.. printed it out, read it 3 times.. ordered 4 cd’s. I am that enthused! I am not even sure who I am giving the 4th one to. I can think of lots of people.. maybe that will just be one to lend out. There is so much on this site. I am continually coming back here and printing articles and parts to read for each day.
I liked this part a lot (from the main page):

YESHUA SPEAKS : "I give you three practices. The first is to strengthen all of your positive attitudes through daily gratitude and admiration. The second is to disempower your negative emotions daily through forgiveness. the third, you will have to work more diligently at... INNOCENT PERCEPTION.

I went to a meeting last night for information about Stem Enhance. I was not really drawn to it because it takes a part of the AFA algae - 2 parts actually: the part that stimulates and releases the body’s own stem cells and the PEA. My main concern about it is in how strongly I believe in whole foods.
The plus side to it is that it is making some serious positive changes in peoples lives and well-being ..especially people with real health challenges and it is also really big with athletes and body builders. And it makes a more potent dose more affordable. 3 caps = approx one bottle of E3Live.
I think even though it is a non-whole food supplement I am going to be onto this one. Here’s the website:


Anonymous said...

My life has went from constant pain in the back,neck, wrists, and legs, to a peaceful release,and an end of the dreaded pain.
I have eaten Stem Enhance for one year.
I order mine here at
Thank you,
The Cherokee Monolah

Robin said...

Hi Cherokee Monolah,
Thanks for your comment. I have been taking it each day and really like its effects so far.. crystal clarity and awareness.. and energy! We are selling it at work now. 720 Bathurst, Toronto Sprouts. I think this is totally revolutionary technology. amazing stuff.. am so glad to hear your doing so well on it. Appreciate you letting me know.
: )