Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Chocolatada and Winter Warm on Raw

Ok, I’m back. It took me a day to recover from the incredible Chocolatada Thurs eve. Actually I worked all day yesterday and kept busy with other things. Wow. But that party was amazing. ..amazing that you can have so much fun without drinking or drugs or anything like that. ..well, there was lots of blue-green algae (E3Live) and chocolate, if that counts.. and of course it does, in a very good way.
So there was the documentary film we watched 1st, then a teleconference call, via Skype, with Gustavo Esteva. He is a grass-roots activist, intellectual and writer who works to expand awareness of the conditions – the reality and hopes - of the Mexican people and esp the poor and those who work the land. Roughly. The film showed a lot of corruption of the system, police brutality and injustice.

Gustavo Esteva -

Skype – we use this at work for long distance calling -

Then in Zappatismo tradition after serious discussion, there was a celebration – of life. It was amazing. At least 150 people turned out, I believe. There was so much entertainment, guitars, drums, poetry readings, performance pieces, a set of music, great dj, 2 turntables.. lots of dancing. Then everyone would stop and sit in a circle, and it was more that it happened naturally than so much organized, like waves, everyone knew that it was impromptu and brought things to share.. there were 3 changs (brass prayer bowls) with a request for your highest intention being sent out on the new moon. It was really beautiful, more poetry, words, music, a guy who was from Australia and just in Toronto for a week and just happened upon us with his digiridoo- more properly called a yidaki. instrument created by aboriginal people of northern Australia. So much fun, we waked on stepping stars in the water back to our ancestors and ate and drank and partied with them there. ..and more music, more dancing..

This is the day the wave remembers the ocean from which it is born.

..and then I get home and realize I forgot my keys at work and had to wake Jim up to let me in! lol ..I felt like a teenager, banging on the windows in the middle of the night.

..and I was going to come here and tell you how I am keeping so warm on raw this winter .. and now I am running out of time. Have to get ready and off to work. But yes, it’s true. Once you suffer through that 1st cold winter on raw.. its worth it, it does get better. I have noticed a few times lately when other people were cold and I was not. Once I was with a friend and she was rubbing her hands together warming up and I had a tank top on & she commented ‘how can you be wearing that?’. I was comfortable. I knew then I had passed that cold detoxing barrier and had come to the other side. Not that I believe I have finished detoxing, I think that can take years, even 5 or 6.. but the symptoms get less and less. It’s amazing though not feeling so cold because I am by nature a cold person, always get cold easily. I notice it occasionally now, feeling cold and grabbing a sweater, but nothing out of the ordinary.. certainly nothing like last year. So, there is hope. If you are suffering through your 1st winter raw, persevere.. get warm clothes, drink tea, hang out in steam rooms, exercise, whatever works.. stay raw and it will be worth it..

and I hear it just keeps getting better.

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