Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Visionary Artwork of Jarah Tree

Jarah Tree, born 1966 in London, has traveled and painted extensively for the last 20 years. Most recently he has been painting in the Americas, England, India and Australia.He is presently abiding in the Sacred Valley, Peru.
~ The Gift is inside of You ~

The gift is inside of you ,
it is in your heart,
it is in your hands,
infinite is this life,
infinite are the possibilities,
In the end the power to change,
To grow, to evolve ,
is yours and the creators alone…
You are the one, there is no other,
There is no other way,
Ultimately it all comes back to you,
You hold within you immeasurable beauty and power,
The gift is inside of you ,
it is in your heart, it is in your hands,
it simply is,
Give thanks !

~ Oh my Friend ~

Oh my friend ,
You are so worthy ,
You are, in your true light beyond all comparison,
you are one with the diamond essence of all creation,
You are a lion, majestic sovereign and divine ,
You are the ocean clothed by the eternal blue night,
you are the radiance of the morning star,
you are beyond belief,
you are the miracle of life itself,
you are the infinite beauty of the newborn,
you are pure,
you are invincible and you are free………..

"I am in awe, I am humbled and I am deeply inspired by the innate Divinity, spirit and intelligence found within all life here on this incredible planet we call home ...
…from the infinitely majestic cathedral of nature and all found there within her unfathomable depths and immeasurable beauty...
…to the incredible worlds of imagination and vision that permeate our inner sight day and night….
And so, to these realms, to my fellow kin one and all and to this living moment residing in the perpetual unfolding of Creation do I offer my prayer…

And may the pure spirit of Creation guide my hand, my heart, my thoughts, my word and my deeds this day . . . so be it so. Jarah Tree."


Judith Shaw said...

Beautiful work! I also have the "Seed of Life" show up in my work alot. It's so great to find other artists who are kindred spirits.
Are you on facebook? You can find me at

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

You have a beautiful site & I Love your paintings!
Nice to meet you, my new creative visionary friend!
: ) R

Rakeback said...

Just amazing , i loved the pictures and hope others will be posted along with new articles