Monday, May 25, 2009

Fearless Warriors, Mint Green Smoothie and Baka Beyond

I am a Fearless Warrior!!
..and so are those who have the courage to look life in the eye, to follow their hearts and live according to their own truths and not by the opinions and fears of others. We are those who believe in change and can live by new rules, and break those rules whenever they become unacceptable for the greater good to enfold around us.. We believe in Love, in Truth, In going out of our way to create harmony and happiness and beauty in our world. WE believe this world is capable of changing and will do all in our power to enable it to do so.. to create peace and love for all. We will create a new world by one by one cleaning up ourselves.. by creating peace within.
"As within so Without"
Each of us CAN make a difference!
Open up, Clean up ..all the old belief patterns we have built up.. often layers and layers blocking us, blocking our acceptance, our creativity.. Learn to recognze them, Release them, Be Free.. and LOve Life! See the beauty in everything. Everything IS beautiful. Namaste.

Mint Green Smoothie

1 Apple
1 Pear
1 Lime - juiced and 1/4 of the skin
a Handful of Dandelion or Kale or other green leafy vegetable
1/2 pkg Mint - approx 6 stems

I Love the Baka Beyond cd - The Meeting Pool !!!

Baka Beyond & Baka Gbine Live at the Zodiac, Oxford

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