Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trip to Halifax in June!

I am very happy because my brother is getting married in June in Halifax and I was concerned that I might not be able to go ..long story but mainly because Kaiyas exams might be still on. I just found out the exam schedule and both she and Nicholas are writing them before the 18th.. yay! we have cottages rented for 19th & 20th, its a beach wedding. soo happy we get to go.

I decided we will make a meatloaf to bring.. it's a big feast where everyone is bringing lots of food.. and I got an e-mail saying how there was going to be salmon, lobster, turkey etc I just thought of Juliano's Meatloaf which I love.. and which we make sometimes at Rawlicious. Thats NUT meat - not animal meat (Eat Nuts, Not Animals!!) : ) & even the biggest carnivores love this!! I just called Mom & she will have everything there ready to process together and dehydrate, at her place on our way to Halifax. Plan.

of course I could make individual meat tarts or something fancier.. but this is quick, easy and easy to transport. I am so looking forard to this!! Feel a need to get back to my hometown for a little while. Plant my feet back into New Brinswick sand for awhile.. my roots. & I am going to revisit lots of places I spent time at when younger.. the Beach at Shediac, Cape Enrage, Fundy Park and Hopewell Rocks.. I would walk here from my summer home and play in the caves along the coast when I was young. 1 month away.. : )


Eco Yogini said...

OUU!! June is such a good time- it takes so long for spring to arrive here in Hali...
I finally visited Hopewell rocks for the first time three years ago- they were beautiful! It also took me 23 years of living in NS before visiting Peggy's Cove.. in Feb. lol.
The "meat" loaf looks yummy! I think it's wonderful to bring something "crunchy" to the east coast experience! :)
Blessings to your family!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hey! Nice to hear from you.. I love Halifax!! yes, the rocks are amazing.. I have amazing memories of them when I was young. and now they are all fenced off & you can only go down during low tide.. but I remember playing down there .. & it's fairly dangerous.. the tide rises so fast & if I was a young kid playing in the caves,, as I often was.. yikes. I am so craving the 'east coast experience!' & maybe I'll see you in Halifax! : )
Hugs xo
Have a beautiful spring & summer there!!