Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love, Warmth, Light.. and more Love

If you are seeking closeness to the Beloved,
love everyone.
whether in their presence or absence,
see only their good.
if you want to be as clear and refreshing as
the breath of the morning breeze,
like the sun have nothing but warmth and light
for everyone.

~Shaikh Abu-Said Abil-Khair

The important thing is not to think much,
but to love much;
and so, do that which best stirs you to love.

~Saint Teresa of Avila


Elements for Life said...

I love these quotes. Very inspiring and makes my heart smile :)


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Jason, Thanks! I love that,, make your heart smile - I feel it.
btw, I take marine phytoplankton quite regularly & also we often have shots of Island Fire and Gold Rush available at Rawlicious.
Great company!!
Hugs.. and much love. You make me smile also.