Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bleeding Hearts, Loving and Redefining Reality, Projects, Time, E-courses

The Bleeding Hearts are out - they always remind me of my Grandmother ..and of my Mom ..and of my garden in NB.. and finally of my garden in the Beaches.. they kept getting replanted from my grandmothers original plant. They remind me of being little.

I am watching a movie - Match Point.. it's my assignment from Shafin de Zane.. I have signed up for his 7 day e-course - Redefining my Reality : ) I'm on day 3 - I love this stuff. & I have been printing out the Avatar e-courses and reading those on the subway, I'm on e-course #5 of that.. Oh, and I finally am reading The Essene Gospel of Peace.. I have been planning on reading this for years. I have 2 copies of it on my shelf!! It keeps coming to me & I wonder why I am only now reading it.. it's only 58 pages long!!

what else? ..I have been proofing the edited videos we took at Rawlicious of how to prepare lots of great raw recipes.. soon it will be put together into video format and then I will watch it again - just to make sure (quality control! ) and then it will be available.. and Ihave another Raw project I am working on.. but that's for later.

I have a piece of Japanese gold and silver flecked paper with words I wrote on it, another assignment from Shafin.. and I am supposed to read it twice a day. I did yesterday & just realized I didn't today.. so I am thinking that posting and rereading it here will count as twice??

: ) & it's a nice thing to share.. I have so many amazing things lately to share.. and so many projects.. time. but I have all the time in the world (not falling into the no time trap this time - if you say you don't have it it goes away all the more!! ) and everything is getting done exactly as planned and as is perfect!! Right. : )

ok.. this is my wonderful new mission statement (from Shafin):

"In the face of difficulty, uncertainty and conflicting sensory information, I recognize more and more the magical, infinite, nurturing reality that I live in. I understand now that I am not the events of my life. And even if it may feel otherwise, I recognize that I am that which transcends all the borders of life and death; I am my consciousness and I have the power to create. I further recognize that living within this magical reality, as a Creation among my Creations, is the ultimate adventure. And in this loving and magical reality my thoughts create matter, dreams come true and love conquers all. Therefore, as I recognize more and more the power that is within me, I pledge to use them for love, light and the benefit of all. Finally, I promise to myself to love and be happy, at all costs, no matter what, with compassion and kindness for All. So be it."

Beautiful. & now off to bed.. I'll finish the movie tomorrow night. I have to be up at 6am - to create lots of beautiful and delicious raw food creations all day, like most days! ; ) 'Night


Marcella Lally said...

hello I am Marcella... It's so nice to read your blog, I just started myself and have spent a fair share of time surfing and looking at others. Your blog really struck me as deep, profound and yes somewhat in common with mine. I wrote something about Bleeding hearts too. Take a look if you like.
Thanks RawketGirl !!


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Marcella, so nice to meet you.. I did read through your blog & its great! Love your curio collection!! Fun.
& I really enjoyed the quote on attitude that your mom gave you.. I googled it, it's a quote from Charles R Swindoll, which I will post one day soon I am sure, great! )
Big Hugs.. thanks for finding me & best luck with the Black Curio,, and all your wonderful art!! Love & Peace, xo