Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cosmic Playbook, Motley Pheonix and a Journey Across our Known Universe

My Mom & I have both signed up for the Motley Phoenix program and have just been sent the Cosmic Playbook package. I printed off the Magic Story this morning & read it on subway to & from Rawlicious and now I am just settling into the Cosmic Playbook which we are supposed to read in full before we begin our 60 day journey of complete transformation.

I feel like I have done the Pheonix thing before.. and wonder now.. what will I be turned into this time!!?? : ) ..but Change is good. ..transformation and progress.. upward and onward!

& now I have 70 pages to read (but it looks like an easy 70 ; ) off into the Cosms ....

Journey Across our Known Universe


Anonymous said...

Did you gain the weight back after the juice feast? What's the benefits difference between juice feasting and raw food? Can you reply me by sending an email. please

my email is

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

I didn;t do the juice feast.. well, only for a few days. But I work with a few people who have (& are) Juice feasting & eating raw foods are similar int hat you are cleansing the body of toxins and bad stuff.. but very different in that juice feasting is something you do only temporarily and eating raw foods is something you incorporate into your day to day lifestyle.